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Dive Shop Owner Adam Bowen Leaves MasterChef; Matt Preston Reveals Results of Hayden's Second Immunity Challenge

MasterChef Bombshells: Matt Preston's Gaffe, Adam Leaves

At the end of MasterChef on Sunday night it was advertised that Monday would feature a bombshell. But it seems like there were two! The first one happened yesterday afternoon, when judge Matt Preston accidentally posted the result of tonight’s immunity challenge on his Facebook page. As it will be Hayden Quinn’s second chance to score an elusive immunity pin, Matt wrote as his status (spoiler alert!): “So Hayden now has two Immunity pins. Do you think he should be able to give one away? He’s a nice guy, but maybe not that nice hey? :)” When fans pointed out his mistake, he deleted his first status and updated with a new one: “Good to see so many people are following my posts so closely...and apologies for the confusion. Hayden has immunity this week, if he wins the cook-off he’ll be making history with two immunity pins. But will he? You had better be watching MasterChef this week to find out!”

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Meanwhile, the second bombshell of the day was that dive shop owner Adam Bowen had decided to take himself out of the MasterChef competition, following a pressure test that saw him, Michael Weldon, Danielle Dixon and Ellie Paxton-Hall cooking a variety of Greek dishes set by George Calombaris’ mother, Mary. After hearing Danielle speak about why she was so passionate about cooking and the food industry, Adam realised that his passion was not as strong as some of his other competitors’, and he told the judges that he couldn’t taken someone else’s dream away. After elimination he said, “I have a successful business and a lucky life, who am I to turn around and take the spot of someone who I know would get more benefit out of MasterChef than me?” His decision saved Danielle from elimination.

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