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Do Jason and Sarah Deserve to Be Kicked Off The Block?

So . . . Do Jason and Sarah Deserve to Be Kicked Off The Block?

On Sunday night's episode of The Block, Jason and Sarah received some harsh words from Scott Cam and the judges for not completing their master bedroom. Not only did the couple not finish their space, but they barely even started, deciding early in the week that they weren't going to deliver a room at all.

The thing is, simply opting out of a challenge isn't a contestant's decision to make. As Scott explained, the rules of The Block state that each week every couple delivers a completed room for judging. Contestants can't just opt out.

Jason and Sarah are obviously struggling with the enormity of renovation show. The Block is taxing on its contestants physically, mentally and emotionally, but if Sarah and Jason were expecting sympathy, they were sorely disappointed. Scott and the judges felt insulted that the couple had given up on their master bedroom. Shaynna said it was "beyond rude," and they were disappointed that the couple would throw their opportunity.

Ten thousand couples applied for the show this season, but Jason and Sarah seem to have chosen to see the journey as a punishment instead of an amazing opportunity. Poor planning has meant they've been low on money since week two, and they do also seem to lack the same motivation, drive and energy that the other couples have.

House number four was left a contestant short this week when Sticks flew home to welcome his new baby, and rather than admitting defeat, Wombat went into overdrive working even harder to finish their room. That level of commitment is expected on the show, so the judges felt it was unfair that Jason and Sarah should be allowed to just give up.

Off The Block

"I cannot let your lack of effort this week continue..." #9TheBlock

Posted by The Block on Sunday, September 10, 2017

At the end of the master suite reveal (for which Jason and Sarah received no points), Scott Cam gave Jason and Sarah an ultimatum: If they have not completed both their master bedroom and the room for next week by next Sunday, they will be kicked off the show. They barely started their master bedroom, so that means Jason and Sarah will have to fully complete two rooms in one week. Considering the enormity of the master bedroom, it seems a near impossible task.

We'll be rooting for them, but Jason and Sarah will have to really pull their socks up if they want to get it done.

What do you think? Did Jason and Sarah deserve to stay? Do you think they'll pull it off next week? Have your say below.

Image Source: Channel Nine
Should Jason and Sarah Have Been Kicked Off The Block?
Yes, you can't just give up and expect to stay.
No, everyone has setbacks and they just had a hard week.
Do You Think Jason and Sarah Will Finish Both Rooms Next Week and Get to Stay?
Yes, I think they'll have renewed energy and will smash it.
No way, it's simply too big of a job and they don't have what it takes.
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