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Eliminated MasterChef Contestant Mat Beyer Talks About Why He Smuggled Smartphone Into Competition

MasterChef's Mat Says He Was "Emotionally Vulnerable"

Just under a month ago, the first reports of Mat Beyer’s elimination from MasterChef popped up, and last night the much-anticipated episode of his departure aired on TV. After telling the remaining nine contestants about their upcoming team challenge, Matt Preston made a surprise appearance at the MasterChef house, where he went straight to Mat’s room to deliver the decision he and his fellow judges had made about the phone incident: that Mat should make an “honourable exit.” Matt didn’t outright accuse Mat of using the smartphone to cheat, but he outlined how the access he had to anything else the other contestants didn’t have was an unfair advantage. Mat was calm in accepting his fate and admitted, “I did the wrong thing and I deserve to go . . . I think it was a rash decision, but I made a stupid mistake and I guess I’m paying for it now.”

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On TV, Mat told Matt that he had smuggled the phone because he was missing his girlfriend, and Alana pointed out that any emotional support Mat would’ve received was something that all the contestants could’ve benefitted from. Another reason has emerged for Mat’s actions: he told the Herald Sun that his mother is a missing person. He said, “I knew it was coming up to Mother’s Day and then her birthday. I was feeling a bit emotionally vulnerable and one 10-minute phone call a week wasn’t really cutting it.” He denies that he used the phone to access recipes, adding, “I probably would have been winning more things if I’d cheated.”

As expected, the last eliminated contestant took Mat’s place — in this case we saw the return of dessert king Billy Law, who went on to cook a pork with crackling dish on the English team that the judges called the best dish of the competition.

Stay tuned as we’ll be interviewing Mat shortly!

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