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No One Should Ever Have to Experience What Happened to Elora on Bachelor in Paradise

As sweet a gig as Bachelor in Paradise may seem (endless time to mingle with good-looking singles in Fiji? Sign me up), what's been a bit ironic about it is that for some, the experience hasn't been all that blissful. What with the Jake-Florence-Davey love triangle from the get go, Nina getting totally blindsided by Eden, more than a few personal choices to leave . . . Fiji has been eventful, to say the least.

The latest spanner in the works? A heartless prank by Eden, who wrote a love letter to Elora under Jared's name. Now, I don't see how this would be funny in any world — you're toying with people's feelings here — but especially not in an environment where the primary focus is on forming new relationships. Add to that the false hope Elora would've felt after a less-than-average date with Apollo, and you've got some seriously d*ck moves happening on Eden's part.

"I don't know why everybody's trying to make a fool of me," Elora said on the show, fighting back tears. And she's right — as immature as the prank was, we're still trying to figure why somebody would have let such a thing fly in the first place. Eden may have plenty of explaining to do, but we're also casting a suspicious side-eye to the people who knew about it, because no matter how much good "entertainment" is on the line, no one should ever have to be made a fool of on national television. And all things said and done, at least Eden was man enough to apologise.

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