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Eric Stonestreet on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Talking About Australian Men's Fashion and Short Shorts

Eric Stonestreet Tells Ellen About Aussie Men’s “Short Shorts”

Fresh off his recent trip to Australia, where he presented at the ARIAs, made an appearance on The 7pm Project and promoted his hit show Modern Family, Eric Stonestreet visited Ellen DeGeneres to talk about one thing that struck him about how Aussie men dress: short shorts. “It was my first time visiting Australia and I gotta tell you, they wear some short shorts down there,” is the first thing he tells Ellen, whose wife Portia de Rossi is originally from here. It fascinated him so much that he even tweeted, “Some dudes sure do wear shorty short short short shorts down here,” and explained to Ellen that he tried to get some snaps but couldn’t take them without getting caught. Hilarious! Sugar HQ was trying to deduce where Eric could’ve spent most of his time in Sydney—we’re thinking Bondi or Paddington? Then again, compared to the baggy pants American guys are normally sporting, anything above the knee could be considered “short shorts”, right Fab? Watch Eric’s chat with Ellen in the clip.

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