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Farmers Matt and Tom Eliminated From The Amazing Race Australia Just Before Grand Final

Farmers Matt and Tom Miss Out on The Amazing Race Finale

One of our favourite teams was eliminated from The Amazing Race Australia last night: farmers Matt and Tom! A sewing challenge in Colombo proved to be their downfall after what has been a spectacular effort from a team that included a farmer who had never travelled outside Australia prior to the show. Their elimination unfortunately meant that they just missed out on a place in the top three — the remaining contestants competing for the $250,000 cash prize are models Sam and Renae, surfers Tyler and Nathan, and father-son duo Jeff and Luke.

Keep reading for why we loved Matt and Tom . . .

While all the teams had their entertaining moments, I loved watching Matt and Tom’s reactions to their strange surroundings, and how they went into every challenge ready to face anything. They also provided some of the series’ funniest quotes (such as Matt commenting that he hoped they didn’t have to wear a crown of thorns while performing the cross-carrying challenge in Jerusalem) and proved to be the “bad boys” of the Race after a couple of run-ins with local police. They’re not going home empty-handed, though — they won a few legs of the Race and scored a couple of great prizes along the way!

The grand finale takes place next Monday on Channel Seven, where the last three teams will make a stop in Singapore before making their way back home to Australia, where the challenge that really tests them is one where they’re asked to remember the highlights of their journey. Tyler and Nathan have been a really strong team from the start (Nathan’s girlfriend Erin McNaught says she’s “proud of him and Tyler getting so far, no matter what happens!”) while Sam and Renae moved from last place to first in the most recent leg. Jeff and Luke flew under the radar in the beginning but have emerged as strong contenders. Who do you think will win the $250,000? And don’t forget that applications are open for the next series of the show!

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