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Foxtel Publicity Director Jamie Campbell Says Australia's Next Top Model Mistake was Sarah Murdoch's Fault

Australia’s Next Top Model Finale: Who Really Got It Wrong?

Hmm. So when Sarah Murdoch accidentally announced Kelsey Martinovich as the winner of Australia’s Next Top Model, even though the actual winner was Amanda Ware, she claimed on live TV that the information had been “fed to me wrong.” While Sarah has been unavailable for comment today, Foxtel’s director of publicity Jamie Campbell contradicted her statement when he appeared on Sky News this morning. While he admitted that there had been miscommunication between Sarah on stage and the directors in the control room at the back of Luna Park, he denied she had been given the wrong information through her earpiece. He said:

“Look, as it turned out she was given information that was written on a card in front of her off the stage and at the time she’d previously been given the name Kelsey because earlier on in the night Kelsey was the first person to be put through after Sophie was eliminated. So in the heat of the moment in live TV with 2000 people in the audience Kelsey’s name was read out and it was just the wrong name.”

It seems like there were a lot of things pointing to possible complications on the night. Why was Sarah still holding a card with Kelsey’s name on it? Why did the network leave voting lines open so late instead of closing it early for a certain result? Or does it all come down to Sarah’s nerves getting the better of her? Apparently she’s due to appear on A Current Affair tonight to share her side of the story, but for now, who do you think is responsible for what has been dubbed “reality TV’s most shocking moment”?

Photo supplied by FOXTEL

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