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Funny, Memorable Quotes on Australia's Next Top Model 2011 From Charlotte Dawson, Alex Perry, Simone

Australia's Next Top Model: Most Memorable Quotes So Far!

Last night on Australia’s Next Top Model we were treated to the much-anticipated makeover episode! (We’re going to leave the before and after transformation reveals to BellaSugar.) Now that we’re five episodes in, we thought it was time to look at some of the funniest quotes of the series so far. We expected that we’d be getting zingers from judges Charlotte Dawson and Alex Perry, and they’ve certainly delivered. As for the contestants? Special mention must go to Cassy, Simone and Yolanda, who have kept us entertained for five weeks.

Episode 1: Model Boot Camp

  • “You need to consider my reputation, because frankly it’s more important to me than any of you.” — Alex Perry’s warning to the girls before they walked down the catwalk in his dresses.
  • “Freak of the week.” — Charlotte Dawson describing Izzy.
  • “I wanna work in fashion, like Supré or Gucci and that.” — Cassy.

Episode 2: Paris Challenge

  • “That stylist was a b*tch.” — Caroline’s critique of the creative direction of the Paris shoot.
  • “Sorry, Dad.” — Yolanda after seeing the results of her revealing Parisienne shoot.
  • “I love Madeline. I give her a hard time about looking like a tranny ’cause she wears more makeup than Alex Perry.” — Charlotte Dawson.

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Episode 3: Bubble and Water Week

  • “I was asked to walk futuristically and I had no idea what to do ’cause we’re not in the future yet. It’s still 2011.” — Simone.
  • “If you wanna judge me, get in a zorb ball and do it yourself.” — Yolanda.
  • “You know when you talk about modelling with your eyes, she’s modelling with her tits here . . . I think that this is absolute FHM gold.” — Alex Perry on Simone’s swim shoot.

Episode 4: Human Mannequins and Coffins

  • “S T James Station.” — Montana had trouble reading the location of their David Jones challenge.
  • “It was so distracting, it was so gross. I had like a stomach in my face with like hair.” — Montana on the shirtless distractions of the store window challenge.
  • “I think next time I’m placed in a coffin I’ll look dead. Because I will be dead.” — Simone.

Episode 5: Makeover Time

  • “I’m sick of hearing that. This is not Australia’s Next Top Head.” — Alex Perry on Alissandra.
  • “I don’t wanna be Annie Lennox!” — Izzy.
  • “I don’t wanna sound up myself or anything but I do think I suit my hair and it didn’t really need any fixing.” — Caroline.

Do you have another favourite quote that we missed? Leave it in the comments!

Australia’s Next Top Model airs on Monday nights, 7:30 p.m. on Fox8.

Photo courtesy of Foxtel

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