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Georgia and Josh Fight About Money on The Block 2017

Poll: Who Was Right in Last Night's Block Battle?

Budget Blues

… And the budget blues begin! #9TheBlock

Posted by The Block on Monday, July 31, 2017

On Monday night's episode of The Block we saw the first fight of the season. It was a relatively small argument between couples Ronnie and Georgia and Josh and Elyse — about money of course — but it was one of those ones where I had to text a friend immediately to see if we agreed about who was in the wrong.

You can watch the video above to see how it unfolded, but here's our take on the whole situation:

  • Prior to the argument, Josh and Elyse left their house (which Ronnie and Georgia took over after winning the first challenge) in a real bad state, with their renovation rubbish strewn across most of the rooms. It meant Ronnie and Georgia had to spend a few hours cleaning up their mess, which left them . . . a little bit salty with Josh and Elyse.
  • When Ronnie and Georgia won the right to pick the house they wanted, they picked house three, which also came with a mystery safe. The safe turned out to be filled with prizes, and one conundrum: Either they could give up their house, or take whatever money they'd spent on the challenge out of another team's budget.
  • Because they see Josh and Elyse as a threat, and probably because they were a bit annoyed with them, Ronnie and Georgia chose to take the money from Josh and Elyse's budget . . . and what you see in the video above is the argument that ensued.
  • Josh was kinda rude when Ronnie and Georgia approached to tell them the news. He was sending an email on his phone and refused to talk or listen until he was done, forcing Ronnie, Georgia and Elyse to wait for him.
  • Georgia didn't deliver the bad news with much . . . sensitivity, so it didn't sit too well with Josh and Elyse. They were obviously upset that they were targeted, and they said some kinda harsh things — which upset Georgia in particular. They all declared it was "game on" and parted ways angrily. It was awkward.

We're trying to remain impartial on this one because we feel like both sides could have done things better. Let us know below what you think!

Image Source: Channel Nine
Who Was in the Wrong?
Georgie and Ronnie. They could've given the news better, and understood why Josh and Elyse were upset.
Josh and Elyse! They didn't take it well but they shouldn't take offense — after all, it's a competition.
Both teams could've handled things better.
All I care about is the renovation work. Show us the houses!
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