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Hamish Blake and Andy Lee Interview on Euro Gap Year

Hamish and Andy Reveal Their Euro Gap Year Highlights and Dealing With Post-Holiday Blues

It’s been a big and busy year for Hamish Blake and Andy Lee. The comedy duo spent months in Europe doing crazy and entertaining things — like eating super-spicy sausage dishes in Germany and participating in games of finger pulling — for their show, Hamish and Andy’s Euro Gap Year, which was Channel Nine’s lead-in to the 2012 Olympics coverage. In case you missed some episodes or want to watch it all over again, it’s now available on DVD, and the boys met with fans at Westfield Bondi Junction for a meet-and-greet and signing session last Thursday to promote the new release. We got in touch with Hamish and Andy for their post-Euro Gap Year reflections — highlights, lowlights and where they want to go next.

With all the crazy things you did as part of Euro Gap Year, how much of Europe did you get to see properly, like a normal traveller?
Hamish: Are you saying that most people don't see Finland strapped to the back of a wild reindeer bolting at 60 km/h? Rightio, we just thought that was the normal mode of travel.
Andy: We didn't see a heap of the regular stuff but we can get postcards for that. We didn't see a single postcard for Cat Theatre in Moscow. Very sad.

From your experience what would you recommend people see/do in Europe? (Things that aren’t in normal travel books.)
Hamish: Definitely go to Mostar in Bosnia to see the bridge, but don't jump off it . . . Unless you want a free colonic irrigation as that procedure is unavoidable when you hit the water.

More from Hamish and Andy when you keep reading.

Which European custom/tradition do you wish we had in Australia?
Andy: The size of the beers in Germany and the fact they have two 3-quarter size doonas on the double beds in Sweden. It means your partner can't go stealing the covers . . . Well they can but it is extra greedy.

Can you each name one Euro Gap Year highlight and one lowlight?
Andy: Often, a highlight for one of us is the lowlight for the other. Leaving Hamish panicking in the catacomb tunnels deep under the city of Paris was a definite highlight for me.
Hamish: Yeah, while pushing Andy into the busy gondola channels of Venice was a particularly pleasing event for me.

How do you guys deal with post-holiday depression?
Hamish: Book another holiday.

New York, Europe . . . what’s next? Do you have future Gap Year plans?
Andy: We have future travel plans. We hope to squeeze another adventure in this year. Somewhere closer to home which crosses the Moon off the list of possible travel destinations.

Hamish, how are your wedding plans to Zoë Foster coming along? Has it progressed since we last spoke (before Logies)? Do you know what Zoë is wearing (aside from a dress)?
That's presumptive of you to assume she's wearing a dress, but now you say that it makes sense, and I shall look into refunding her chimney sweep outfit immediately.

What are your plans for Summer?
Hamish: If selected, we'll both play cricket for Australia. But it is the 30th summer in a row that we have been overlooked. So I guess it is just beers and sun.

What are your weirdest/funniest fan experiences?
Andy: A middle aged lady (quite attractive) once made us a trophy after we didn't win an award at the Comedy Festival to cheer us up. That lady was Ham's mum. She has been a fan for ages, but a bigger fan of Ham than me.

Hamish, what do you look for in a potential girlfriend for Andy?
Hamish: Someone to actually agree to be with him is an excellent start.

Hamish and Andy's Euro Gap Year is available to buy now.

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