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Hamish Blake tackles a monster chicken schnitzel on The 7pm Project

Hamish Watch: Haim vs. The Chicken Schnitzel

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So, yesterday I told you that my beloved Hamish was appearing on The 7pm Project. Haim and his sidekick Andy spent the weekend tackling five food challenges with other eating warriors that they recruited through their radio show. My future husband Hamish managed to look sexy—even while rocking a yellow polyester chicken suit and cape. His task was to devour a "Godzilla-sized" chicken schnitzel and a boatload of chips. Anyone who knows me knows that I love nothing more than a good chicken schnitty. Just more proof that we are meant to be together. Haim chowed down, but it eventually proved to be all too much and he ended up puking his guts out in a bucket. But strangely enough, instead of being disgusted, I just wanted to hold his hair back and gently caress his back. It was certainly a valiant effort on his part. Check out the video and tell me what you think!

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