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The Hangover Two director Todd Phillips speaks out about firing Mel Gibson

The Hangover Director Speaks Out About Sacking Mel Gibson

Director Todd Phillips is talking about why he fired Mel Gibson from The Hangover 2. Mel was offered a cameo role as a Thai tattoo artist, but he was replaced by Liam Neeson after the cast protested. Todd tells Entertainment Tonight, “[Mel’s] one of our finest actors and, quite honestly, one of our finest directors. But The Hangover 2 is a family ... and as much as I loved the idea, a lot of people didn't ... I didn't want anything to come in between that family.”
At Monday’s Hollywood Awards, Zach Galifianakis joked about the incident, calling Todd “the worst Jew in Hollywood", adding, “that’s an inside joke.” Mel is reportedly feeling the fallout in Hollywood from his history of cringe-inducing rants and is planning to apologise soon in televised interview.

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