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Watch: Henry and Mark W Completely Destroy That Survivor Endurance Challenge

Up until now on Survivor, it's clear that Locky has been calling the shots in the Samatau tribe. He almost quite literally carries the team through the physical challenges, and when it's time to talk strategy, many follow his lead.

However, with the latest eviction, which saw AK orchestrate the numbers to blindside Aimee, it's clear that cracks may be starting to show. For one, Locky has an obvious target on his back, and two, it seems Mark and Henry may have a leg up on him in the physicality game. At least, the latter was obvious following Monday's endurance challenge, which saw Locky bow out pretty fast, much to everyone's shock. That left Ziggy and AK to fight it out for Samatau, but they couldn't compete with the brute strength of Asaga's Henry and Mark. Though they were nearly two hours into the challenge, the pair didn't appear fazed at all and even seemed pretty comfortable. Were we impressed? Yes. Would Henry and Mark be our first choices to rescue us from a burning building? An even bigger yes.

Considering Henry's record of winning immunity challenges for Asaga, we think Locky may have to watch his back, particularly when the tribes merge. Watch the challenge above!

Image Source: Network Ten
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