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Hot in Cleveland starring Betty White and Valerie Bertinelli premieres tonight on Channel Nine—will you watch?

TV Tonight: Will You Watch Hot in Cleveland?

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I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about Hot in Cleveland, so I decided to investigate and it looks fabulous! Here’s the premise: Three besties from LA are on a flight bound for Paris when they have to make an emergency landing in Cleveland, Ohio. (FYI, if you’ve never been to Cleveland, you’re not missing anything. There’s a reason the US Midwest is referred to as the “fly-over states"). Anyhoo, the girls go to a bar and find they’re “hot in Cleveland”—the men are hetero, the citizens aren't obsessed with youth and they're not exactly stick thin. It's the promised land. The women decided to rent a house and it comes with a sassy caretaker: red-hot Betty White. The three three friends are played by Valerie Bertinelli (One Day at a Time/Jenny Craig campaigns), Jane Leeves (from Frasier) and Wendie Malick (the fabulous Nina from Just Shoot Me). Cue Carrie Bradshaw voice-over: Watching the promo clip for Hot in Cleveland, I couldn’t help but wonder—is there somewhere in Australia where I would be considered smoking hot? If I left the beautiful people of Sydney behind, could I find love in Coober Peedy or perhaps Coonamble?” Excuse me while I check on some Virgin Blue domestic fares. In the meantime, watch the clip for Hot in Cleveland and tell me, will you tune in tonight at 8:00 pm on Channel Nine?

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