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How Did Chad Leave on The Bachelorette?

Chad's Exit From The Bachelorette Was Even More Dramatic Than You'd Imagine

It's pretty much impossible to have a group full of gorgeous men and not have at least one of them that's a little, well, out there. The moment that Bachelor Nation has been waiting for finally happened when JoJo Fletcher sent home everyone's favourite super villain on The Bachelorette, Chad Johnson. In a dramatic (of course) two-on-one date, JoJo chose United States Marine (and total heartthrob) Alex. Usually, the man who is sent home leaves, pours his heart out during the limo ride, and makes a comment about how he doesn't know why this keeps happening to him. But Chad, oh Chad, well, he took a different approach. Here's the sequence of events that transpired:

  • The men saw that Chad's suitcase was taken and began to celebrate.
  • A "funeral" ensued where each guy took a fistful of Chad's leftover protein powder and threw it — all while James T. strummed background music on his guitar.
  • Wells declared "Farewell, sweet prince" — but he's wrong.
  • Chad whistled his way back to the house (no, really), then knocked and pressed his fingers against the door.
  • The men gathered and Jordan apologised for if the men came off as misunderstanding of Chad, then gave him the opportunity to say his sorry.
  • But instead, Chad said that if he had to do it all over again, he would have said the same things.
  • Chad went on to say that all of them were attacking him and the only thing he could think to do was to get physical — then moments later told Jordan that he doesn't have half a brain and tapped his head.
  • Jordan shook Chad's hand (which Chad gripped really hard for intimidation?) and it may have seemed like the scene was coming to an end but . . .
  • Enter Evan! "You have your wallet on you? Because you owe me a shirt." Side note: someone please start a GoFundMe page for Evan's shirt.
  • After asking if Evan was that poor, Chad left for good this time.
  • Two-on-one date winner Alex walked through the door and the men threw him on their shoulders while cheering with a sparkler and cupcakes — which were then smashed in Alex's face.

But you know what they say, better a face full of frosting than a plane ticket home. With Chad gone, it's only a matter of time before a new villain emerges from the group.

Image Source: ABC
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