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Imogen Anthony Personal Essay About Confidence and Self-Love

Imogen Anthony on Self-Love: "What You Think About Yourself Is All That Truly Matters"

There's one question I'm frequently asked that I never really know how to answer: "How are you so confident?" It's usually followed by, "I wish I could wear some of the things you do."

Sometimes I think they're lying to be nice, but most of the time my honest answer is that I don't know! I truly have thought about it, and I do not know. Man, if I did, I'd try some Anthony Robbins-type sh*t. The truth is, I am just being me.

I realised that people were either going to love me or hate me, regardless of if they knew me or not.

Sounds cheesy, but I see these women look at me for some kind of help and lord, if I could just give them the answer. But the reality is that I kind of just had to grow a thick skin. Once you're in the public eye, out there for everyone's judgement, there's no real escape and the pressure is far more immense.

There was definitely a time when I had to just say, "screw it," and let go what people thought of me. If I didn't tell myself that forcefully, the pressure would have consumed me.

I'm weird, I say whack stuff and wear even wackier stuff. People say nasty things and sometimes that's just who they are. When I was younger I didn't understand the meaning of the saying, "Other people's opinions of me are none of my business." Back then I thought, "Of course they f*cking are! It's about me!" But really, at the end of the day, what you think or love about yourself is all that truly matters.

I think that's where and how confidence came to me — when I realised that people were either going to love me or hate me, regardless of whether they knew me or not. And judging from the things I have read about myself in the past, they've usually already made their decision.

The thing is, it's no skin off my nose. Just a strike against their karma.

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