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Interview With The Bachelor 2016 Intruder Sarah Harding

Sarah Says She Didn't Initially Know She Was an Intruder on The Bachelor

The Bachelor intruder Sarah Harding was on our screens for a week, but in that time she managed to ruffle some feathers (mainly Keira's), befriend all the other bachelorettes and score two one-on-one moments with Richie Strahan. We spoke to the gorgeous girl from Brisbane about where it all went wrong.

POPSUGAR Australia: How did you feel leaving the show?

Sarah: I was upset, but I kind of felt it was coming. I didn't really have the time for Richie to get to know me. It's upsetting, but I'm really happy for him. The other girls are beautiful, I know he's going to find a beautiful girl, so I'm just happy for them.

PS: Did you know you were going in as an intruder?

Sarah: Not initially but before we went in and everything, we did know. We found out. It was a bit unexpected at the start, but it was really exciting and I felt really lucky to have the opportunity.

PS: Was it daunting? Did you feel nervous?

Sarah: Yeah, I was really nervous. It was very nerve-wracking not knowing how the girls were going to react. Obviously I didn't know any of the girls, I didn't know what kind of personalities they had and things like that, so it was very daunting. Meeting a guy on camera is pretty daunting in itself as well, so to add that to it . . . But luckily, I [found out] it was Richie. That made it not matter if the girls were going to be mean, because it was worth going through that to have the opportunity to meet him.

PS: Was Richie as nice as you hoped he would be?

Sarah: He's the biggest, loveliest sweetheart. [The most] gentlemanly guy I've ever met. He's really hilarious, he's got great humour and a big heart, so I really hope he finds the girl he's looking for.

PS: There's always assumed drama between the intruders and original girls, but how was it in your experience?

Sarah: It was a bit crazy at the start, the girls had pretty heightened emotions. Once we got over the first initial intro and first night, I think we all blended into the house really nicely. The girls are really lovely. Obviously watching it back and hearing some of the little things that people said . . . I didn't pick [up on] some of those things, but everyone was really lovely. At the end of the day, there's only going to be one person at the end — it's very hard. I think I'm really lucky, there could've been a lot meaner girls in there, but they were all really lovely.

PS: Khalia and Steph were your fellow intruders. Did you all get along well?

Sarah: Yeah, I got along with Steph really well. She was really easy to talk to. Coming into the house, we had a little bit of a fresher perspective on the situation. The girls' emotions were quite high, they'd been in there for a lot longer and invested a lot more, but we had room to talk and see things a little bit differently to the girls. Yeah, I really got along with Steph, she's a lovely girl.

PS: How did you find Alex and Nikki? Those two seem to be the front runners at this point . . . did one or the other seem to have more of a connection with Richie?

Sarah: I guess after seeing that group date where Alex and the rest of the girls touched Richie, and [seeing] his reactions, it was quite full on. To see Alex's connection with Richie, that was jaw-dropping. Seeing Nikki's reaction kind of shows all the emotions behind each of them. It was pretty intimidating to see how invested in him [they were], and obviously he must have feelings back to do what he did. Maybe even a little bit more, given the extra dates and everything. It was a bit hard.

PS: It must've been kind of awkward to sit there and watch that touch test that Alex did.

Sarah: It was, wow! I definitely felt she was going to kiss him at one point. I nearly fell off my chair!

PS: They seem to have a strong physical connection there.

Sarah: They do, yeah. It's just confronting . . . Obviously if you like someone, you wouldn't want to think of or see them with someone else. It was quite an experience to watch it on TV.

PS: How do you feel about watching yourself on TV?

Sarah: It was a bit hard at the start. Hearing some of the comments about my voice and that, it kind of made it hard to watch. But I got over that! It was fine, I laugh and enjoy it. I'm excited for the girls once they get to see their dates . . . they tell their stories, so I get excited to watch them back and see it on the big screen.

PS: And how are those rose ceremonies?

Sarah: They're full on. They're very intimidating. You're standing there for a little bit and you don't know what's going to happen, or who he's going to call. He looks at you with that stare and then looks at the girl next to you and then looks back at you — it's like he's looking into your soul. Then he grabs the rose . . . It's full on. It's like you're holding your breath and waiting, but it's just an experience! It's a little bit scary, but it was good. Very exciting when you actually get a rose!

PS: Why do you think it was your time to go on Thursday?

Sarah: I found it hard on a group date to really get to talk to him. It's quite intimidating around the other girls. They're beautiful, big personalities, and I just don't think he really got to talk to me and see me in a different light. Obviously if I had that one-on-one date, he could spend that time, but I guess if he didn't feel that connection and didn't want to give me that time over the other girls, it makes it a little bit more difficult. He did ask me a couple of questions, and I'm not a great talker. I'm quite closed off, so I found it a little bit hard to answer on the spot. I think that probably may not have helped me.

Image Source: Network Ten
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