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Interview With Beauty and the Geek Australia 2011 Winners Lachlan and Sarah

5 Minutes With Beauty and the Geek's Lachlan and Sarah!

Lachlan and Sarah’s close bond on Beauty and the Geek was the key to their big win on the show’s series finale last night. They were up against Julian and Jordan in the last Q&A round, in which the Beauties and Geeks were tested on their knowledge about their partners. We chatted to the cute pair about how they celebrated, what they’re planning to do with their $100,000 cash prize, how they’ve changed, and how Lachlan is going to make things work long distance with girlfriend Jordan.

How did you guys celebrate?
Sarah: I had some of the Geeks that were able to come from Sydney at my house last night, so we all watched it together. And Lachlan and I had an early night because we had a big day today.
Lachlan: I was at Sarah’s place. We got to bed early because it’s been quite a hectic period. We’ve known for three months that we won, so it was a lot more exciting for family and friends who didn’t know. They probably celebrated harder than we did.

How did you manage to keep it a secret for so long?
Sarah: Not sure [laughs]. I usually can’t keep my mouth shut, so with this I was very proud of myself that I didn’t tell friends. I’ve lied to quite a few people.
Lachlan: I didn’t have any issues at all. We were contractually obliged not to tell anyone, so that’s what I did, I honoured the contract.

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How has life changed since winning?
Lachlan: I feel like a different person. I’m so much more confident in myself and I believe in myself, and basically I feel like I’m equipped to handle almost anything and take on the world. In terms of day to day life, I had to defer uni to go on the show, so I’ve been caught up with being on the show, like being on the publicity trail. It’s totally out of the ordinary but I’ve really enjoyed it.

Sarah, how did you feel about the exam questions, like the one about Lachlan’s dance move that you couldn’t have ‘studied’ for?
Sarah: With that one, Lachlan showed me on the show that he’s quite the dancer, so he’d always choreograph routines. He changed his routines quite a lot, so when I saw that question I thought, ‘Oh gosh, I have no idea what his next step would be,’ because he did it differently every time I watched.

Lachlan, what’s going to happen to your tattoo?
Lachlan: For the moment it’s staying, but if Jordan and I go as a couple long into the future and she still has an issue with it, and if we get engaged or I marry her, then I think I’ll consider getting the ‘Sarah and Lachlan’ part removed. I’ll leave the logo there forever.

Have you and Jordan discussed how you’re going to make your relationship work across different states?
Lachlan: Yeah I’ve been thinking about that a fair bit, and we’ve discussed splitting our time between Brisbane and Sydney. [There will be] a few flights, and hopefully we can get work across both cities. I’ll sort out uni in time, but firstly get things to some level of normality. I think we can make it work; it’s just a matter of working hard at it.

I was wondering how you felt about Jordan revealing those intimate details of your love life on the radio last time?
Lachlan: Yeah, it was fine. I mean it happened. It’s not something that I would choose to share, but Jordan’s a different person to me, and that’s part of the reason why I love her. It’s not as if she made up anything ficticious. Whilst I think it’s a bit taboo or don’t talk about such things in public, she didn’t. I still love her, and I wasn’t upset with her at all. That’s Jordan, I guess.

Were you guys surprised by Mackenzie and Troy’s engagement announcement?
Sarah: We saw it coming, definitely, but it was a surprise just to know that they hadn’t been together that long. At that point, Lachlan and I hadn’t even left the house yet, whereas they’d been eliminated, so it was a bit soon, but we saw it coming.

Do you know if you’ll get to go to their wedding?
Sarah: We might get an invite [laughs].

What did you get up to in the mansion when you weren’t doing challenges?
Sarah: It was quite a busy schedule all the time, so if we weren’t filming challenges it was interviews or preparing for challenges. We had limited time to sleep, so any time that we could we’d sneak a nap in.

Who have you kept in touch with?
Sarah: Mostly the contestants from Sydney.
Lachlan: I’ve kept in touch with maybe, in terms of any regularity, perhaps 25 percent of the cast? So perhaps five or six . . . Or perhaps more than that. It’s not that I don’t want to keep in touch with the other people, it’s just you’re obviously going to be closer to some people than the others. That’s just the natural order of things.

Lachlan, how have you maintained your look since your makeover?
Lachlan: It’s a slow process, but I’m trying to get regular and stylish haircuts than just a clipper all over. I have had the odd spray tan here and there, but that was at the behest of Jordan to go and get it with her. So we’ve had a couple of spray tanning sessions. In terms of clothes, I pretty much bought one, good new outfit, including shoes, belt, the whole kit and caboodle, but I’ve worn it to about six or seven different things now. Now that the cheque for the win is in the mail, I might have to invest a little bit of money into getting a few more items in the wardrobe department. I’m doing my best, but I still tend to get around in whatever when I’m not at an event or social function. So I haven’t totally given away old habits [laughs].

How are you planning to spend your $50,000?
Sarah: It’s on its way! I’ll probably invest the money back into my future. And Christmas is coming up, so I’m gonna have to buy some nice gifts for people who mean a lot to me.

What’s next for you guys? Would you like to do more media?
Lachlan: Certainly, I’d consider it if opportunities arose or offers came up. They’re not rolling in, so I’m very happy to go back to uni and study law, and follow the political aspirations I have. In combination with potential opportunities, there’s also me trying to make a long distance relationship into a short distance relationship. And I’ve got major [maxillofacial orthognathic] facial jaw surgery coming up. I’ve got a few things in my life where I just need to take some time . . . Maybe in 2013 I’ll know up from down and back from forward! [Laughs]
Sarah: I have a new manager now, Samantha Wilkinson from Dare Enterprises, so she’s been quite supportive in getting a show reel together and seeing if there are other opportunities for me. But I also want to travel, so we’ll just see what happens.

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