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Interview With Indiana Evans on ABC1's Crownies, Preparing to Play a Lawyer and Home and Away

Indiana Evans Talks Crownies and Getting Into Lawyer Mode

The new ABC1 legal drama Crownies, which airs on Thursdays at 8:30 p.m., marks Indiana Evans’ latest small screen project, where she plays young lawyer Tatum Novak at the Department of Public Prosecutions (DPP). With brains, beauty and spunk, Tatum brings some much-needed youthful energy to the often-stressed out office environment. We caught up with the former Home and Away cutie to talk about the challenges of getting into legal mode and what it’s like on the Crownies set.

On getting the role of Tatum Novak: “It was something I had to work hard for once I’d got it. There was a bit of preparation to get into the lawyer business. But as far as the audition process went, I suppose it was easier than most.”

On being a fan of legal and courtroom dramas: “I am. I really enjoyed [ABC’s] Rake when it was on, and I like Boston Legal quite a bit.”

On preparing to portray a young lawyer: “We met with people from the DPP and we were able to ask them questions. We were given lots of lawyer jargon to read and learn about, and whenever we have scenes to learn we usually have to figure out what everything means before we say it.”

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On how she’s similar to Tatum: “Not many ways! She’s very ‘go get ’em’ and very confident, whereas I’m a bit shier than that.”

On playing a character older than herself: “She’s 22, which is similar to my age, but I look young. When I auditioned I didn’t think I would get it for that reason, so it is a bit tough, but we work hard with the makeup and structured suits to try and age me up a bit.”

On being the youngest on set: “I get along with everyone and I don’t feel it too much. I am the youngest but I’ve been working for quite a bit so I don’t feel too out of my depth.”

On what’s coming up for Tatum: “I don’t know how much I can say, but we see her work on more cases, and we see her in court — she has a few wins in there. Her and Tracy, an older character, have a bit of a generational gap going on; they don’t really get along. And then you see her relationship with Richard develop — they have a really great relationship and understand each other.”

On funny stories from the Crownies set: “Todd’s [Lasance] pretty bad! He makes us laugh a lot, and as he’s pretending to work in a lawyer’s office he’ll write down stupid stuff on Post-It notes and put them on your character’s desk.”

On working with Todd and Ella Scott Lynch from Home and Away: “It’s great. It’s hard whenever you start a new show — it’s like being the new kid at school — so it was great to have some friendly faces.”

On keeping in touch with other Home and Away castmates: “I do as much as I can, but they’re all in America! I skype Rhys [Wakefield] every now and then.”

Her career role model: “I like Natalie Portman and her choices.”

On future Hollywood plans: “I have an agent in America and I’ve been doing some tests with them. I don’t know because we’re waiting to hear if we’ll go back for another series [of Crownies] and that’ll affect my plans.”

Photo credit: Mark Rogers

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