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Interview With The X Factor Australia 2011 Winner Reece Mastin!

5 Minutes With The X Factor Winner Reece Mastin!

Reece Mastin won The X Factor 2011 last night after an exciting and talent-filled season. As one of the show’s favourites to win from the start, Reece tried to push the praise out of his mind and focussed on his performances week-to-week. His debut single, “Good Night,” is now available to buy on iTunes, and on Friday he goes straight to the recording studio to work on the release of his X Factor journey album. We chatted to Reece this morning — after he’d had only two hours of sleep! — and got his thoughts on everything from weekly genres, to his changing hair, to whether he’s going as Christina Parie’s formal date.

What did you do to celebrate? Or how do you plan to celebrate?
We had the wrap party last night with all the crew, so that was cool.

You got quite emotional after your name was announced. What kind of result were you expecting?
I didn’t know what to expect, really. There was so much talent on the show, and having only a one percent margin between me and Andrew was crazy. We didn’t know what to expect. It could’ve gone either way.

How did starting off with such high praise from the judges affect your mindset going into performances?
I think I just tried to take it one week at a time. There’s no point in rushing anything. You’ve gotta take it step by step.

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Genre was a big thing with you. What did you think of the themes each week, and the judges arguing over whether you should be doing dance, or Celine Dion?
I do rock, and I think they [the judges] got that. I can do different styles, but the basis of it is always going to be rock. I don’t really know what to think about that. At the end of the day they know what my genre is.

When you saw, for example, dance, did you ever think, ‘Do I actually have to do this?’
No, I thought it was really cool. Like me and Guy sat down and went over “Stayin’ Alive,” and I thought that was a cool idea, that it was really awesome.

Did you pay attention to all the reports that you were the favourite to win?
Nah, I tried to stay out of that as much as I could. It’s not a good mindset to get. I had all my music and lyrics to learn, so it wasn’t at the top of my mind.

What was your reaction to hearing your winner’s single for the first time?
It was awesome! I hadn’t heard the actual full copy. It was cool to hear it on the radio, it’s really good.

How much input will you have with your debut album?
We’re doing the journey album, which is all the songs I sang on the show. And then the next one, we’ll have to see how we go. I’ve got a few originals, so we’ll see if any of them slip in. There won’t be a lot of time but I’ve written quite a bit, and we’ve got some nailed down.

Ronan once commented that you don’t need to go back to school, so what’s your plan for your education?
Year 11 is finished, so I reckon Year 12 I might get a tutor and see if I can get through with a tutor.

How have you adjusted to life as a celebrity? Are you ready for that side of winning the competition?
Yeah it’s cool, I don’t mind it. I’m ready for it, like all the big musicians, getting out there and doing some tours. It should be very fun.

And how about all the attention from girls?
I saw there were some girls outside Sunrise this morning, waiting in the rain, with signs proposing to you. Yeah [laughs]. They’re cool. I love meeting the fans, they’re awesome. It’s cool to meet some little rockers.

Your mum became a bit of a celebrity. What has it been like for your family to have you on The X Factor?
It’s been cool, they help along the way. It’s good to have them there, and it’s changed their lives as much as it’s changed mine.

Is it true you’re going as Christina’s date to her formal?
No! A lot of people have asked me about that, but she hasn’t yet [laughs].

What do you want for your birthday tomorrow?
I got a good birthday present by winning. We’ll have to see Olivia [his sister] has bought me anything. The last couple of birthdays the only things I’ve gotten are things like guitars, so I think I’ll just keep getting more of this music stuff. We’ll have to see!

What’s the next step?
We’re recording on Friday, so straight into it. And then hopefully going international.

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