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Interview With The X Factor Group Three Wishez: Sophia, Joseph and Fred-Day

3 Wishez Stay Positive After Missing Out on X Factor's Final

It was so close they could almost touch it! 3 Wishez have just missed out on a spot in The X Factor grand final next week after they were eliminated last night. Leaving Reece Mastin, Johnny Ruffo and Andrew Wishart to battle it out for the title, 3 Wishez’s Sophia, Joseph and Freddie (or Fred-Day, as he’s known) are staying positive about their situation, and have grown so much over the course of the competition. We chatted to the group this morning to talk improvements, funny facts about each other, and who they want to win.

After such positive feedback on Monday night, what did you think your chances were to get through to the grand final?
Sophia: We’re not quite sure. Pretty average, I guess. Anyone could’ve gotten through, so you just don’t know.

Did Ronan’s approach to mentoring you change when you were the last remaining group?
Fred-Day: There definitely wasn’t as much pressure. I think it was more because we were his last group, we were his last chance of winning The X Factor. He definitely had more time for us, and we’re so grateful for that. The thing about Ronan is that he has a lot of faith in us. He was really dedicated to his job.

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced as a group?
Fred-Day: I think the biggest challenge we faced as a group was just syncopating together. We’re three individuals, and because we were so new, we were growing and we had to get used to each other’s voices and find a balance. But as you can see from our Monday night performances, we did a great job in the end.

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How have you grown throughout the competition?
Fred-Day: We’ve grown a lot from the start. We were only together less than a week before the audition [laughs]. We had to learn each other’s personalities, we’ve had to learn each other’s voices, who can do what — who can dance, who can sing, who can rap — everything. And our look. We’re really proud of who we’ve become.

Were you close friends before the show?
Fred-Day: We were all good friends before the competition, definitely. We all went to uni together and everything like that. I think that’s what made everything so much easier becoming a group, and working as a group, that we were friends before we were a group.

What are some of the surprising things you learnt about each other?
Sophia: [Laughs] That Joe has a foot fetish!
Fred-Day: Yeah, that’s a scary one. One of the good surprises was finding out that Sophia could rap really well.

Sophia, you had some interesting, pant-less stage outfits. How much input did you have with your styling?
Sophia: I have input. They show me the outfits and then I agree to them, so it’s not like I have no choice. I definitely agree to everything I wear, and I love everything I wear as well.

Was the whole no pants direction a thing?
Sophia: It was a thing we were aiming for. At the end of the day, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, everyone does it, so I just think I’m going with the trend.

Joe, you were on Australian Idol years ago. How is the X Factor experience different?
Joe: It was different because [on Idol] I was much younger, and especially because I’m part of a group now. The experience is so different for me — I’ve come out of my shell being with this group, and they make me feel comfortable, and I feel much more confident being with the guys.

Fred-Day, how did you feel about Mel B’s comments on Monday about how she thought your rapping was a bit same-same?
Fred-Day: Everyone’s entitled to their opinion and I definitely take on board what Mel B has said; she was part of one of the biggest groups of all time. Coming up with the raps, we don’t have that long — we have a week to learn a song, and in saying that I might get to make up my rap in like 5-10 minutes. I do what I can do at the time.

Do you think it’s harder to be a group than a single contestant, or is it too different to compare?
Fred-Day: I think being in a group is 100 percent, a lot harder than being by yourself, simply for the fact that when you’re by yourself you only have yourself to rely on. You don’t have to have group meetings to work out who’s doing what — it’s just you by yourself up there. In saying that, I think groups are more entertaining.

Which celebrity guest star gave the best advice?
Joe: From us, we got the best advice from Stevie Nicks. As an artist she’s sold more than 140 million albums.
Fred-Day: And she was part of one of the biggest groups of all time, so that was helpful. And we love Ronan so much. If it wasn’t for Ronan we definitely wouldn’t be here now. He’s helped grow 3 Wishez — he is a part of 3 Wishez, he always will be, because he was the one who made our dreams come true.

What were your favourite performances?
Fred-Day: Definitely has to be Chaka Khan. That was one of our favourites simply because it was us doing what we love most. In saying that, on Monday “Turning Tables” and “The Time” were some of our favourites as well.

How are you adjusting to life being recognised and having fans?
Fred-Day: [Laughs] Yeah, it’s completely different. It’s kind of bittersweet because you’re seeing how many people you’ve made happy — you can make people’s days or weeks just by signing an autograph or taking a photo with them. But then it gets really tough. You can’t go out anywhere — like if you just want to go out with your partner, you can’t, because everyone recognises you.

Who did you get closest to out of the other contestants?
Sophia: Audio Vixen and Johnny.

Who do you want to win?
Fred-Day: Hmm, who do we want to win? I think Johnny, simply because he’s the underdog. Out of those three, Johnny has come the furthest, he’s grown the most, and he’s copped the most from the judges, and really turned the tables around. So I’d love to see Johnny win.

And if you were given three wishes, what would you ask for?
Sophia: To get a single out by the end of the year!

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