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Interview with television personality and ex-MTV host, Lyndsey Rodriguez, about her VAIO X from Sony and staying connected

Lyndsey Rodriguez on Staying Connected as a TV Glamazon

What is your typical day?
Luckily, there is no such thing as a typical day for me! Generally I am balancing filming, recording and charity commitments on a day-to-day basis and no two days are exactly the same. When I do have some free time during the day, I love to catch-up with friends, do some shopping or head to the beach. In summer a typical (and ideal) day would find me at the beach with Harry Potter (sadly, the book - not the wizard)!

What is your must-have, can't-breathe-without piece of technology?
I am addicted to taking photos and I love to have my Cyber-shot digital camera with me where ever I go. I always want to capture the people that I am with and the sights I have seen – all of the action. Having photos with me when I travel is also particularly important. It reminds me of home and helps me to stay focused.

If you could have one piece of technology created specifically to do one tedious task for you, what would it be?
Cleaning!! Every type of cleaning - I can’t stand it!

How do you chill out and 'switch off'?
It is really important for me to take some time to myself, chill out and regroup. With such a hectic schedule and so many ways to stay connected, I find that the easiest way for me to ‘switch off’ is to simply ignore my phone! I pick a time every week to have as quiet time and I refuse to take any calls, I don’t check my emails and I ignore my text messages.

How do you use your VAIO?
The short answer – everything. My VAIO is the key to keeping me connected to my friends and family, keeping my life in order and keeping me entertained. I use my VAIO to pay all of my bills and take care of any paperwork; I book trips and plan my grand adventures; I use social networks and Skype to catch up with my friends who live overseas and those at home when I am away; I love to shop online and keep my music up-to-date.

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