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Jai Waetford Facts and Interview July 2017

34 Fast Facts With Jai Waetford

Jai Waetford found fame on The X Factor Australia when he was just 14 years old — now, he's 18, dating a total babe actress and model from the US, kicking goals with new music and dominating the social media scene, with well over two million combined followers.

Though he's reaching crazy heights with music, underneath the cool muso exterior is a regular, down-to-earth teen from Sydney's Campbelltown — and that shines through in his answers to our questions below. Read on for more from Jai!

  1. Movie you've seen the most times?
    The Lion King
  2. Most treasured possession?
    One of my favourite surfboards.
  3. Favourite song of 2017?
    Drake, "Signs".
  4. If you could date anyone in the world it would be . . .
    Jennifer Lopez.
  5. Netflix and actual chill, or party all night long?
    Depends what's on and who it's with 😂.
  6. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or none?
    You're a wizard, Harry!" Harry Potter for sure.
  7. Last person you texted was . . .
    A friend ;)
  8. Care to share a few words from the text?
    Wake uppppp."
  9. What social issues do you really care about?
    Anything involving world peace.
  10. Most talented musician you know?
    A guy I met 10 years ago, his name was Marvin. Random, I know, but he was the most talented all-rounder musician I've met to date. He was about 19.
  11. Favourite song you've ever worked on?
    That's a tough one, I couldn't tell you honestly.
  12. Long distance love is . . .
  13. Dream car?
    Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG.
  14. What are your pet peeves?
    When someone's trying to talk to me while I'm eating, and when you're trying to wash your hands in the sink and someone comes and puts their hands on top of yours to use the water. Like seriously, it takes two seconds.
  15. What entertainment story has shocked you recently?
    Katy Perry wanting to be everything except ordinary. She spoke about wanting to be the furthest thing from a human stereotype.
  16. Sexiest celebrity in the world is . . .
    Again . . . J.Lo.
  17. Dogs or cats or none?
    Dogs for sure.
  18. Who's your man crush?
    I have no clue.
  19. What's your cheat meal when you're being really unhealthy?
  20. Favourite city in the world?
  21. How do you feel about your fans?
    I love everyone who has ever even somewhat supported or believed in what I do, because without them it wouldn't be possible.
  22. Who's the most famous person in your contact list?
    That's a secret.
  23. What makes you feel lucky?
    Certain people I'm around.
  24. Coffee or tea or . . . green juice?
    Tea for sure — I only just recently started liking it though.
  25. Who are you most inspired by musically?
    Don't even get me started! Top three are Pharrell Williams, Bryson Tiller and Michael Jackson.
  26. Who are you most inspired by in general life?
    My mum. She's the best and she's always encouraging me to be the best version of myself that I can be. Love you, Mum.
  27. Last time you cried?
    Wednesday night . . . We lost our Oztag game 15-5, haha.
  28. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter?
    Instagram 🙌🏽.
  29. What are you going to do as soon as you finish answering these questions?
    Off to the gym we go.
  30. Your alcoholic drink of choice is . . .
    Rum and coke.
  31. What question do you get asked the most in interviews?
    "What was life like after The X Factor?"
  32. If you could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be?
    The United States of America.
  33. What do you want people to know about you?
    I love food.
  34. In five years, Jai Waetford will be . . .
    A five-years-older version of myself today, haha. I have no clue what the future holds but I hope to be in America full-time.

Happy days 😋✌🏼

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