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Joanna is sent home on Australia's Next Top Model after Bonds Evermore modelling gig and Thredbo photo shoot

Australia’s Next Top Model Recap: Bonds Girls

This week the girls were tested mentally and physically to make sure they have what it takes. It was model bootcamp with the contestants enduring workouts, sleep deprivation and incliment weather conditions. Check out the highlights below:

Gun Control: Sophie and Kathryn had to endure a workout with judge Alex Perry, which was basically just an excuse for him to show off his gym junkie biceps. Cringe. Josh Flinn taught Amanda and Kelsey a little tap routine, while Charlotte Dawson helped Joanna and Jess get in touch with their inner yogi. Who knew Charlotte was so spiritual? Me likey!

Bondage Gear: The girls had to get into Bonds undies and dance their booties off during a live fashion show on stage with Evermore. Dannii Minogue’s baby daddy Kris Smith was a judge, along with Sarah Murdoch. Kelsey seemed to be missing a pole during her dance routine and was called out for being too raunchy. Amanda eventually won the challenge, but Sophie thought she was robbed and only lost because she had short hair.
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Let it Snow: The girls packed their bags and drove through the night to a mystery destination, which turned out to be Thredbo. Then they had to wear lingerie and fur during an outdoor photo shoot. As you do. Jess doesn't do fur, but sucked it up and got on with the shoot.

Departure Lounge: Kelsey and Joanna both tried bringing a different vibe to their photos, but couldn't quite pull it off. Sophie and Kathryn nailed it, while Jess and Amanda were "meh". Ultimately Kelsey and Joanna were in the bottom two, with Joanna saying sayonara.

Best line of the night: Judge Charlotte Dawson complimenting Kathryn on her photo saying, “Now that was worth freezing your tits off for, wasn’t it?”

Be sure and check out Bella, who takes up Sophie’s long-hair vs short-hair debate and Fab who talks about whether or not Jess should have worn fur!

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