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Kim Kardashian Tweets About Lamar Odom

Kim Kardashian Sees Lamar Odom Insult Khloé, Promptly Roasts Him on Twitter

Image Source: Getty / Taylor Hill

Never accuse Kim Kardashian of not supporting her sisters. When Kim caught wind that Lamar Odom — the former NBA star whose divorce from Khloé Kardashian was finalized in 2016 — was blaming Khloé for their split, Kim hopped into clapback action with the sort of ferocity that only an older sister can muster. When an NBC executive tweeted a particularly slut-shamey quote from an interview with Lamar on BET's Mancave, implying that the pair's breakup was only official "when she [Khloé] was on her second or third NBA player," Kim only needed five words to shut down the suggestion.

Kim took Lamar's purported "burn" and flipped it on its head with a single tweet, suggesting that perhaps the marriage was actually over due to Lamar's well-publicized bad behaviour.

Kim, who welcomed her third child via a gestational carrier only days before her savage Twitter clapback, regularly defends her family members from the rumor mill. And now that Khloé is busy preparing for the birth of her own child, it's good that Kim has her back!

Lesson learned — don't mess with the Kardashian ladies unless you can handle the heat of a scorching burn.

Image Source: E!

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