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Kristen Bell Hot Ones Interview Video

Kristen Bell Recounts the Time a Costco Cashier Told Dax Shepard, "I Heard You Died!"

Kristen Bell proved a couple things during her Hot Ones episode: that she remains one of the coolest celebrities, and that she can handle some heat. While easily making her way through each spicy wing, the actress talked about sloths, begrudgingly dressing as Elsa for Halloween, moral philosophy lessons she's learned from The Good Place, and, of course, the revival of Veronica Mars. "There are things that happen in the new series that some of our die-hard fans were very upset about . . . I don't think it has to be everyone's happy ending," she said.

A particular highlight is when the conversation turned to her husband, Dax Shepard. She spilled on how he completely fanboyed when meeting JAY-Z to the point that it embarrassed her, and also that a cashier at Costco, one of Dax's favourite stores, said, "I heard you died!" right to his face. It's truly a gem of an interview, so watch it for yourself above.

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