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Kylie Minogue, sexiest cougar of 2009: 2009 Sugar Awards

Sexiest Cougar of 2009: Kylie Minogue

Oh Kylie, how I adore thee. I heart thee not because you know how to work a pair of gold hotpants (although that is most certainly an enviable talent.) I heart thee not because you are the disco icon of a generation (but again, highly impressive.) I heart thee not because you valiantly braved a very public cancer battle (though, for that I bow to you.) No, oh fab queen of pop, I heart thee because you have a hot Spanish boyfriend--correction, a hot, young Spanish boyfriend, who, at 31, is an impressive 10 years your junior. A hot, young 31-year-old Spanish boyfriend named Andres Velensco, who just so happens to be one of the top 25 male models in the world, is best known for his Louis Vuitton campaign, opposite Jennifer Lopez, who you're reportedly househunting with and to whom you're long rumoured to be engaged--after a year dating I might add. Yes Kylie, Kyles, Singing Budgie, you may not be the most famous 'older woman' or even the eldest, but you are the best. I heart thee Kylie, because you are, in my humble opinion, the sexiest cougar of 2009.

But who, pray tell, is yours? Let me know your vote for sexiest cougar, in the comments below.

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