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The Last Resort 2017 Contestants

The Last Resort Launches Tonight! Meet the Couples Here

We've seen the first episode of new Channel Nine show The Last Resort and we can tell you this much: sh*t gets really real. With five long-term couples committing to a month of intensive, on-camera therapy in a bid to save their relationships, emotions run really high and the drama only intensifies as the couples get to know each other. Affairs are dissected, incredibly harsh truths are told and not everyone ends up back together — prepare to be hooked from day one.

Before the show kicks off — it starts tonight at 7:30 p.m. — meet the 10 contestants below.

Image Source: Channel Nine

Lisa and Dan

Ages: 37 and 35 respectively.

Home city: Brisbane, Queensland.

Relationship: They're dating and they live together — both have children from other marriages, so their families are mixed.

Why this is their last resort: Starting off on the wrong foot — Dan was still with his six-months-pregnant ex-wife when he met Lisa — didn't bring them closer together, in fact they seem to be drifting further and further apart. Dan misses the fun, quirky woman Lisa was when they first met; she argues that the shine has just worn off and they've both changed. Dan once tried to break up with Lisa over Facebook and she hasn't quite gotten over it.

What they want: To commit to each other and fall in love again, unconditionally.

Image Source: Channel Nine

Lucy and Carl

Ages: 38 and 37.

Home city: Sydney, New South Wales.

Relationship: They've been together for 12 years, eight of those as a married couple. They have two children together.

Why this is their last resort: Put simply, Carl had an affair about one year ago. To make matters worse, the affair was with one of his personal training clients, who Lucy knew well — and Carl doesn't feel remorse for doing the dirty. While Lucy lost her energy and desire to be intimate after the birth of their second child, Carl's sex drive remained the same so he believes he was justified in looking elsewhere for sex. Lucy is struggling to move past the betrayal.

What they want: Carl wants Lucy to move on and love him again and Lucy wants Carl to acknowledge his mistake so she can start to work past it. They want to stay together for themselves and their young children.

Image Source: Channel Nine

Sarah and Keelan

Ages: 25 and 24.

Home city: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory.

Relationship: They've been together since high school, over eight years.

Why this is their last resort: Sarah's ready to settle down and get married, but Keelan's still enjoying the party-boy lifestyle too much to give it up. Sarah is lonely and worried about Keelan's drinking; he says he's struggling to break the habit of putting his friends before Sarah.

What they want: To avoid breaking up, which is where they both think they are headed.

Image Source: Channel Nine

Sharday and Josh

Ages: 27 and 25 respectively.

Home city: Gold Coast, Queensland.

Relationship: They're already separated, but still super close. They share a 2-year-old daughter.

Why this is their last resort: Sharday and Josh have always been volatile, with their frequent fights leading to a number of breakups. During one breakup, pregnant Sharday lied and told Josh in anger that the baby wasn't his, which resulted in him missing her entire pregnancy, and the birth of his first child. Both of them see themselves being together forever, but on the flip side, Josh can't get past what Sharday did to him. Sharday is determined to make Josh forgive her, but she's also in denial about just how bad their relationship is.

What they want: To be together forever — without the volatility, hurt and frequent breakups.

Image Source: Channel Nine

Jodie and Stu

Ages: 34 and 39.

Home city: Gold Coast, Queensland.

Relationship: They've been married for eight years and they have two daughters.

Why this is their last resort: Jodie and Stu's relationship was as close to perfect as it could be until Stu had a bad accident and suffered a serious brain injury. He was bedridden for over year and while his physical injuries have mostly healed, it's the psychological side that is taking a toll. Stu has lost his sex drive and is emotionally withdrawn, which frustrates Jodie and has left them in a sexless marriage. He wants to reignite the spark but doesn't know how, and she just wants the old Stu back.

What they want: To be happy again. They want to stay together and are doing everything in their power to avoid breaking up their family. She wants to be with Stu but says that if he'd be happier with someone else, she would let him go.

Image Source: Channel Nine

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