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Lost Season Premiere "LA X" Recap and Review

Let's Get Lost: Season Premiere "LA X" Recap

After a long, looong wait, Lost is finally back! This week's two-hour premiere was intense and gratifying—but there are still plenty of questions left open. Among them is last season's big finale question of whether Juliet's attempt to detonate the hydrogen bomb worked. Everything I want to chat about is a spoiler, so let's get to it, shall we?

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  • So did she detonate the bomb? The truth is, I don't know. The episode opens with it seeming like it did work to prevent the crash of Flight 815, because we see Jack and the original passengers in flight. After a teeny bit of turbulence, the worst is over and everyone is safe. Jack chats up Rose, Hurley tells Sawyer he's the luckiest guy alive, Jin and Sun are even pretty happy—it seems too good to be true, especially when Locke regales Boone with stories of his Walkabout in the Outback. For a moment I thought maybe Locke had never been injured in this magic world. The only indications that something weird might be going on are a spot of blood on Jack's neck and the inexplicable presence of a passenger not originally on the flight: Desmond.
  • Alas, the seemingly "safe" passengers of Flight 815 were either an illusion or happening in a parallel universe, because Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Sayid and Hurley find themselves back at the demolished Swan. I was pleased to see Juliet spared when Kate heard her cries from the bottom of the pit, but as soon as Sawyer rescued her, she was a goner. Since I already assumed she was dead in the finale, it didn't hit me especially hard, but it did Sawyer, who makes Miles "listen" to her. What does she say? "It worked." What? The hydrogen bomb? I'm so confused!
  • Moving on to fake Locke and Ben, who is reeling from just having killed Jacob. He asks what I was wondering during the last finale: why didn't Jacob fight back? Is it because his nemesis was playing within the rules of "the game" when he found a loophole via Locke to come back and kill him?
  • You guys, we got an answer to one of the major mysteries: the smoke monster is the nemesis! He changes forms in front of Ben's eyes and even apologises for Ben having to see him "like that." So I still don't know what exactly the monster is made of, but it's satisfying to know it's Jacob's enemy. The ash that circled Jacob's cabin keeps it out, a preventive measure we saw a lot of characters employing.
  • I was totally startled to see Jacob sneaking up on Hurley and didn't put it together right away that it was because Hurley sees dead people (remember when he told Hurley in the cab that his ability may be a blessing? There it is). Jacob tells Hurley to get Jin to take him and Sayid to the temple, to the hole where Jin went with the Rousseau and her crew. Kate and Jack accompany them and inside Kate finds a skeleton and a book by Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard (who's regarded as the father of Existentialism).
  • Of course Lost introduces new characters for this last season: the new Others, who reside in the temple and make their acquaintance by kidnapping our survivors and bringing them to said temple. With them is Cindy, the stewardess from the plane, who'd been in the tail section when the plane crashed.
  • The new Others submerge Sayid in the spring—could this be the source of the healing properties of the island? Is it a fountain of youth and maybe how Richard stays so young? All I know is that it doesn't exactly revive Sayid, as his friends have to watch him traumatically drowned.
  • Meanwhile, back on alternate reality Flight 815 . . . turns out things aren't so rosy. My heart leaped to see Charlie back and alive—even if he was choking on a heroin ball. Jack saves his life, but he's definitely not grateful. "I was supposed to die." Eerie thing to say, considering his later fate of dodging death so many times. And I was surprised by how devastated I was to see Locke in a wheelchair—his other end at the hands of Ben is so sad that I hoped he'd at least have it better on this side. Not so. Things get worse for the other "lucky ones" who have just avoided a plane crash. Charlie's arrested and Jin gets carted off for not declaring a suspicious amount of cash. The airline loses Christian Shepard's coffin, a weird parallel of what happened in the island crash, but the situation allows for the series' original nemeses, Jack and Locke, to meet. It was a touching scene, too, with Locke finding words of comfort for Jack and Jack offering Locke a free consult on Locke's spinal injury. If we end up staying in this other reality a while, I hope something comes of that situation.
  • Kate succeeds in escaping the marshal on the ground (was the pen she used to get out of her cuffs the one that Jack couldn't find earlier when trying to save Charlie?) and gets into a cab with—wait for it — Claire! I gasped to see the young mum, since they did such a good job of hiding her on the plane.
  • Back in the temple: um . . . Sayid's alive! I was hoping there would be some way that he'd make it (that ritual drowning was not a fitting end for such an integral character), but what does this mean the spring can do? Was he resurrected, or has his body been inhabited by someone else (like Jacob), as was the case with Locke's body?
  • So now Richard and Ben know that the real Locke is dead and Richard realises that the new Locke is Jacob's nemesis. "You!" he says, before getting decked. The fake Locke says "It's good to see you out of those chains"—huh?! Was Richard once his prisoner, or does it allude to the circumstances of his arrival on the island?
  • Finally, it was interesting to see what would have happened if Flight 815 had landed safely. Did you recognise some of the other passengers who were original survivors in the first season (what's up, Doc Arzt!)? Why was Desmond on the plane, only to disappear before landing?

I can't wait to hear what you thought! Is the "safe" Flight 815 an alternate reality? Let's start talking theories below!

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