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Sophie Turner Reveals Why Her Friendship With Maisie Williams Is So Special

Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner play the Stark sisters on Game of Thrones, but they also act like siblings in real life. The ladies first met while auditioning for the hit HBO show and instantly formed a bond. In addition to their adorable red carpet outings and matching tattoos, Maisie and Sophie say the sweetest things about each other. Trust us, you'll have a hard time not obsessing over them.

Maisie on Sophie

  • On the first time she met Sophie: "I had gotten along really, really well with Sophie and I just remember her being super tall. I came out of the audition and said to my mum, 'Even if I don't get the part, I really want that girl to. She's really cool.'"
  • On their unique bond: "It's nice to have her going through this industry and someone who just completely gets it. It's really lovely to have someone hold my hand through all of it."
  • On what it's like working with Sophie on Game of Thrones: "It's funny because she's so not like Sansa in real life. She's a great lass, and we both like the same things. And then on screen, we have our little arguments and things, so you get to see a different side of each other. In real life, I've never seen the side of Sophie where she says, 'Oh, you're an idiot.' But I didn't find it difficult to hate Sophie on screen — I mean, I love her to pieces — but I didn't find it a challenge, really, as an actress."

Sophie on Maisie

  • On their matching tattoos: "She's one of my best friends in the whole world. We got matching tattoos. That's the date that we both heard we got Game of Thrones on."
  • On why their bond is so special: "Our other friends don't 100 percent get it. Sometimes it's nice to just be with the one person who does."
  • On their close friendship: "Maisie and I have the purest form of true, true friendship. She's been my rock. We are kind of the only two people who know what it feels like to go through this very scenario from pretty much the same background and ending up where we are and kind of finding ourselves as we go."
  • On what it was like shooting their first Game of Thrones scene together: "We couldn't keep a straight face! Our relationship is so close, but it's only that fun side, never the business side. I was nervous. It just terrified me. It's like performing for your mom. When somebody is watching, you don't do it quite as well. But in the long run I think it benefits us because we can be free with each other in our acting. We're not afraid to go there with each other because we feel so comfortable around each other."
  • On why she and Maisie click: "I've always seen Maisie as this rebellious, cool kid, while I'm more passive-aggressive, or else just passive. I hate that about myself, and I love that Maisie is just who she is. We spent the past five years basically sharing a hotel room (even though we each had our own), having endless sleepovers, lots of line rehearsals, and lots of food and messing about, too."
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