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Mandy Moore Throwback Photo March 2017

Mandy Moore Is Here to Assure You Celebrities Have Awkward Stages, Too

You know those lucky kids in middle school whose parents sprung for the expensive, colourful bands on their braces to coordinate with the holidays? Even though your mum would only get you the cheap white ones which permanently stained yellow after you ate a single hot wing at Melanie's sleepover? (No? Just me?) Well, Mandy Moore was one of the more fortunate ones, which the This Is Us actress proved with an epic throwback photo on Instagram on Friday. Although her red and green Christmas braces are looking good, her hair is a little more . . . voluminous than we're used to seeing on her.

"Red carpet ready. For some inexplicable reason, my mum let me perm and temporarily colour (!) my hair when I was 10," she joked in the caption. "Permed bangs? MUM. Also, I only had those braces for 6 months (shoulda been longer cause my teeth are NOT straight) but I took full advantage of the coloured rubber bands for the holidays. Ps: there was no way I was excited about that travel version of CLUE. Just saying...: 😉#fbf"

She's come a long way, right? Now that the 32-year-old is ready to have kids of her own thanks to playing Rebecca Pearson, here's hoping she gives her kids their own embarrassing photos to look back on.

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