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MasterChef 2014 Winner Interview: Brent Owens

MasterChef 2014 Winner Brent Owens Is More Lovable Than You Thought

MasterChef 2014 Winner Brent Owens Is More Lovable Than You Thought

Brent Owens is $250,000 richer, has a cookbook publishing deal on the way, is the owner of a brand new car and has the opportunity to do work experience in some of Australia's top kitchens after being announced as the winner of MasterChef 2014 on Monday night. The 24-year-old from Victoria, who used to make a living as a bobcat driver, has a whole new food future ahead of him after defeating his good friend Laura Cassai in three challenging rounds during the grand finale. We caught up with the lovable "Brenty" this morning to chat about his proudest moments on the show, what it's like to greet your food hero in your pyjamas, and what his favourite Mariah Carey song is.

POPSUGAR Australia: Congratulations! How did you watch and celebrate last night's grand finale?

Brent Owens: Thank you! I spent it with my family and just got to watch their reactions, and enjoyed watching them!

PS: What was that like? Obviously you had some family members present at the taping.

Brent: It was a bit overwhelming, actually. I didn't think that they would be so excited. I knew they would be overwhelmed, but to see their reactions and to see the tears from people I've never seen tears from, was pretty exciting.

PS: What are you going to do with the money, and are you happy you applied for this year's series since the prize was upped to $250,000? [Previously it was $100,000.]

Brent: Yeah, that worked out well for me, didn't it? The money will be locked away for now until I figure out exactly what I'm going to do with it. I'm going to look at opening a café with a line of pre-prepared meals from that, so that's got a lot of planning. That's what I'm looking to do further down the track.

PS: Which challenge did you enjoy most in the grand final?

Brent: I think, as hard as it was, I think the last dish, the dessert. That was a hard challenge, as you probably know, but it's satisfying when you manage to execute it and finish it.

PS: How injured did you get during it? Did you burn your hands? You finished off stretching toffee that was boiling.

Brent: Yeah, I often burnt myself nearly every single episode [laughs]. I didn't manage to get too many bad cuts — a few of the other contestants had to get stitches a few times, but I escaped that, I was lucky. But definitely burns!

PS: You just have some MasterChef battle scars now.

Brent: Yep! Yep. Good memories.

Source: Network Ten

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