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MasterChef 2015 Winner Interview: Billie McKay

This Is How MasterChef Winner Billie Always Stayed So Cool Under Pressure!

PS: Do you have a favourite challenge from the series?
Billie: Oh, God, so many. I loved the Circa challenge, where we did a seven-course degustation. But aside from that, just the pressure tests — they were honestly my favourite sort of challenge, because of that pressure, and the method, and instruction, and something that just sort of flowed on. I loved it.
PS: You always seemed so calm — have you always grown up this way? I think you’re the most put-together 23-year-old I’ve seen!
Billie: I don’t know! It’s strange. I guess that’s just how I’ve grown up; Mum and Dad have the same sort of traits, I guess. The competition has definitely helped me in that respect; the challenges were really hard and I learned to just keep my cool, and keep cooking.
PS: And money plans — do you have any yet?
Billie: Not really! It’s all kind of crazy at the moment. But it will definitely help me out!
Image Source: Network Ten

Billie McKay made the reality TV comeback of the year on the MasterChef grand final! The long-haired beauty from Ballina was trailing behind Georgia Barnes after two of the challenges — a mystery box and a challenge where they had to cook for their loved ones and the judges — by four points, but she more than made up for them in a pressure test set by Heston Blumenthal. The dessert dish, known as Botrytis Cinerea, had 55 processes and 17 elements, and was repeatedly described as the hardest pressure test that has ever been set on any version of MasterChef in the world. No biggie, right?

But this is when Billie flourished, and even though she struggled with the sugar blowing technique of the dish, she managed to plate up every single element. And Heston was so impressed with the way Billie handled the pressure he straight-up offered her a job at his restaurant The Fat Duck in London — a bonus prize on top of her $250,000, monthly column in Delicious magazine and Alfa Romeo Giulietta! Not bad for someone who's only 23.

We caught up with Billie this morning to break down exactly what went through her mind during that epic final challenge, and what it was like to see her dad get emotional when she cooked for him.

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