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My Kitchen Rules Tasmanian Contestant Melanie Maddock Receives Death Threats

My Kitchen Rules' "Tassie Tiger" Mel Receives Death Threats

Fans of Channel Seven’s My Kitchen Rules are well aware of Tasmanian contestant Melanie Maddock, the outspoken newlywed who has teamed up with her husband James in the competition. Nicknamed the “Tassie tiger”, she’s not afraid to speak her mind and rarely has positive things to say about the other contestants’ dishes (at least on camera — we know how edited reality TV is). But her comments have brought about the wrath of super-passionate fans — some have set up anti-Mel online groups and she’s even received death threats.

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This isn’t the first time a contestant on a cooking show has been on the receiving end of such threats — last June MasterChef’s Joanne Zalm was hated by fans who simply found her “annoying.” Speaking to Today Tonight, Mel said, “Right from the word go, on the show we’re only shown saying really bad things so people immediately hated us. And rightly so. I looked at me on TV and hated me too.” Judge Pete Evans even says that “people want a villain on these shows.” It’s true that Mel and James haven’t come across as the most pleasant people, and death threats are clearly out of line, but what do you think brought about these reactions? Are they the result of the show’s editing or did Mel bring it on herself?

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