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New Sequels Confirmed For Enchanted, The Fast and the Furious, and Da Vinco Code Sequel The Lost Symbol

Sequel News: The Fast Enchanted Code

One good flick deserves another, right? Franchise happy Hollywood has a block of sequels in the works and today's three include one that makes me groan, one that's actually fun and one that we all saw coming.

  • Fifth time's a charm: The Fast and the Furious's next installment has been confirmed, with Paul Walker and Vin Diesel attached yet again. At least there's a more creative title than the fourth's, though; Fast & Furious: Fast Five. This time, Dom and Brian's characters are fugitives on the run from authorities. I bet they have the perfect getaway vehicles in mind.
  • Get Enchanted all over again: Disney is going full steam ahead with a sequel to the 2007 fairy tale. There's no news about the story and none of the original actors, like Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey, are attached yet, but Variety reports that Disney "will likely try to bring [them] back." A new director has been hired, though: The Proposal's Anne Fletcher.
  • Da Vinci's Third Decoding: Finally, Dan Brown's latest book about Robert Langdon, The Lost Symbol, is also getting the film adaptation treatment. No shocker here, since its predecessors The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons did so well at the box office. Tom Hanks is not yet confirmed to reprise his role as Langdon, though I can't imagine why he wouldn't.

Personally, I think that The Lost Symbol's movie future was a total given, while Disney always finds a way to extend its fairy tales and Enchanted's delightfulness almost begs for more to the story. But I'm kind of reeling that The Fast and The Furious is getting another sequel. I thought the fourth, such a close replay of the first film, was its swan song—and kind of unnecessary in itself. What more can be said about these men who love fast cars? But what about you? Do you want to see more of Paul and Vin, driving furiously?

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