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Nine's "Cinema Italiano" Nominated for Best Song at the Golden Globes

Pop Poll: What Are Your Favourite Movie Songs?

When the Golden Globe nominees were announced, I paid special attention to the Best Song picks. Why, you ask? Because I've had Kate Hudson singing "Cinema Italiano" stuck in my head ever since I caught a sneak preview of Nine.

But it was also because I'm a sucker for a solid soundtrack; the right tune can make a pivotal film scene. So when one comes along that's a perfect fit, I'm more likely to have favourable memories of its corresponding flick. Think about it: what would The Breakfast Club be without "Don't You (Forget About Me)?" Or as annoyingly overplayed as it was, Titanic without "My Heart Will Go On?" Then there's the classics: Dirty Dancing's "(I've Had) the Time of My Life," Breakfast at Tiffany's "Moon River" and even Bruce Springsteen's "Secret Garden" in Jerry Maguire.

I know I've left out plenty, so tell me what you think! What are some of your favourite movie songs?

Image Source: The Weinstein Company
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