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Pete Wentz weighs in on Britney Spears lip synching

Pete Wentz Speaks Out About Britney LipSynch Gate

It seems like every American celebrity who has visited Australia recently ends up having an opinion on Britney Spears and her lip synching. Pete Wentz made an appearance on the 7 PM Project and guest host Dicko predictably brought up the subject. The panel talked about Pete’s new haircut getting a lot of press lately and he quipped, “I can see the world out of both eyes now instead of just the left eye.” Pete also joked that he didn’t shave his entire head like Britney explaining, “I didn’t do it because I was scared K-Fed was going to take my kids.” D-oh! Pete then said that whether or not Britney mimed had never crossed his mind, but that she should just do what she needed to do as an artist and ignore the critics. Cheers to that!



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