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Phoebe Waller-Bridge Talking Fleabag on Jimmy Fallon Video

Phoebe Waller-Bridge Has a Hilarious Story About Why She Needed a CGI Fox on Fleabag

At the very end of the second season of Fleabag, star and creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge is greeted by a fox while waiting for a bus in the middle of London. It's a brief scene, but it adds the perfect, poignant touch to the end of Amazon's dark comedy. And, as it happens, the story behind that animal cameo is actually pretty great.

While appearing on The Tonight Show on Thursday, Waller-Bridge told Jimmy Fallon all about why she ended up needing to use a CGI fox rather than the real thing. "Naively, I was like, 'Yeah, we'll just get a couple of real foxes and give them the notes,'" she joked. "We've got a really good director and the script is strong."

She ended up with a pair of "terrified little country foxes" named Buttercup and Primrose who were not prepared for the city's bustling atmosphere. The only thing that would apparently calm them down was — no joke — playing Coldplay's "Fix You" or "Yellow," but even so, they could only capture "a snout in one shot, and a bit of a tail in the other."

"The handler did come up to me halfway through to say, 'I probably should've told you, Buttercup hates new environments and Primrose is very nervous around people. So, either way we're f*cked,'" Waller-Bridge recalled, laughing. In the end, the show was forced to use a CGI version of the animal instead so Waller-Bridge's character could tell it her bitter sweet final line: "He went that way." And hey! As far as CGI foxes are concerned, this one turned out a hell of a performance.

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