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Photos and Quotes From Clive Owen in Details October 2009 2009-09-16 10:00:00

Clive Owen Just Wants You to Believe Him

Clive Owen and his sexy smirk are on the cover of October's Details, as he begins promoting his latest movie, The Boys Are Back. The film centers on a sportswriter who loses his wife to cancer and has to raise his two sons on his own. Clive talked about his own childhood and mentioned he's not working on much else because he hasn't read any good scripts lately. Here's more:
  • On being raised by his mother and stepfather, then meeting his biological father at age 20: "It was a very, very working-class family. It was fine. It wasn't an unhappy experience — everybody struggled. . . [Meeting my father after a 17-year absence] was a very bizarre experience, looking at someone you've never known and going, 'Oh my God, that's my father.'"
  • On meeting his wife when he played Romeo and she was Juliet: "Yes, a cliché. I fell in love with her the minute she came in. She was late, she had these glasses and a pile of secondhand books, and there was something about her straightaway. There's no regret or resentment [now that she's given up acting to become a therapist]. She always smiles and looks at what acting can be like, and it's a relief to her that she's not doing it."
  • On how he wants people to think of him: "I got in a cab in Glasgow years ago, and this quite surly cabdriver says to me, 'You're that actor, aren't you? You get paid to lie, don't you? That's what actors are, aren't they? Professional bullsh*tters.' It had quite an effect on me. I f*cking get paid to lie. . . . I walked out of there and I spent a bit of time thinking about it. And then I realized I think it's the opposite: It's an opportunity to tell the truth. I try to do that in everything I do. And whether you like a movie I'm in or not, I want you to believe me. More than admire me or think I was brilliantly skillful, I want you to believe me."
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