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Pop Poll: Carrie Bickmore says Australians hang out in "hip" McDonalds - discuss

Carrie Bickmore Says Aussies Hang out at McDonalds...Discuss

We here at Sugar HQ are ridiculously psyched about Oprah’s visit and we were all excited about tuning into her Aussie Countdown Special tonight – until we saw Carrie Bickmore’s segment on Aussie culture. She gave Oprah and her audience a crash course in the “Australian way” and it was cringeworthy. Her first lesson was about Aussie lingo where she said we called guys “blokes” and girls “sheilas.” We would have let that slide (she just left out “flamin' galah”) until we saw the second part. The segment was just over two minutes long and she spent about half of it talking about our love...of McDonalds. Huh? Here’s what she said:

So while there are a lot of differences, there is one comforting similarity – we still have McDonalds! Although you guys have your diners, we have these special cafes where guys come for business meetings and girls come for a catch-up over a cup of coffee. It’s all just a little bit fancy. In Australia, McDonald’s are called “maccas” – they’re hip hangouts where people sip gourmet coffees in the McCafes and dine from a menu exclusive to Australia. A touch different from the States.

What? A quick survey of Sugar HQ reveals that no one has ever held a business meeting there or caught up with their girlfriends for a cuppa. Maybe McDonald’s is a major sponsor of the trip. But still, it’s not a little bit fancy, it’s a little bit tacky. Click here to check out the clip and then tell us — do you think Carrie portrayed the real Australian way?


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