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Pop Poll — Will You Watch Junior Masterchef on Network Ten Sunday 12 September 2010?

Pop Poll: Will You Watch Junior Masterchef on Sunday?

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After Masterchef ended in July and I got my weeknights back, I decided that I wouldn't commit to any more shows that were on more than once a week. Instead I would exercise, run errands and actually catch-up with people after work. And then I saw the promo for Junior Masterchef. Sucked in. Again. This Sunday 50 ankle-biters will compete to be Australia’s first Mini Masterchef. The contestants are aged between eight and 12 and they make things like “perfectly golden” lamb pie, the dreaded croquembouche and flourless orange cake with citrus confit. Could I possibly feel any more inadequate about my cooking skills? The good news is the show is only on once a week until it's forced to take a break because of the Commonwealth Games. The pint-sized chefs plate up this Sunday at 7:30 on Network Ten. Check out the promo and tell me, will you be watching?

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