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PopSugar Australia Giveaway: Win Breaking Dawn Part 1 on Blu-ray

Giveaway: Win Breaking Dawn Part 1 on Blu-ray!

To celebrate the release of Breaking Dawn Part 1 on DVD and Blu-ray, which is available to buy now, we’re teaming up with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to offer some of our readers the chance to win a copy of Breaking Dawn Part 1 on Blu-ray! Owning the film on Blu-ray means re-living exciting moments like the wedding, honeymoon and dramatic pregnancy in the lead-up to Breaking Dawn Part 2’s November release. Special features include feature commentary with director Bill Condon, a six-part making of documentary, music videos and more.

We have four Blu-ray copies to give away, so to be in the running just tell us in the comments section below which scene from Breaking Dawn Part 1 lived up to your expectations, and why.

This giveaway has ended.

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Noda88 Noda88 5 years
the most stunning scene for me was the honeymoon. the island looks amazing, the landscapes of the island were soo beatiful. It was so romantic and funny, and the music during all this also was good)) Looking forward to rewatch my favourite scene)
cianor cianor 5 years
Some might say the Wedding and yes it was spectacular, but I can't agree. I really expected Edward to marry me and not Bella. But the scene where Edward gets to listen to Renesmee growing inside Bella was emotional yet delicately handled. Part of me wanted to smile and another part wanted to cry!
rose-pink rose-pink 5 years
the wedding was perfect - the moment i had been waiting for since the first movie!
brittc47 brittc47 5 years
I'm a member of team Jacob so him turning up at the gorgeous wedding and giving Bella a dance was so emotionally charged and bitter sweet...It completely lived up to my expectations!
luciec luciec 5 years
It was thrilling from start to finish. I loved the romance of the wedding, the funny sex scene when the bed was smashed to bits and the anticipation of the birth and whether Bella would survive it.
bardie bardie 5 years
The Wedding!!!!!!!!
Unicorn73 Unicorn73 5 years
The Wedding scene was just gorgeous. Absolutely breaktaking, as if it was taken straight from a fairytale. The garden was truly beautiful and Bella was transformed into a stunning woman for her special day.
deejay11 deejay11 5 years
The honeymoon location - how romantic of Edward!
Drawde Drawde 5 years
Bella's transformation was breathtaking and far exceeded my expectations. It was amazing to watch her transform from being so sick and gaunt, into the perfection of a vampire. Seeing the venom burn through her system and hearing her internal pain was exactly how I pictured it when reading the book. But my favourite part of that scene is the flashback montage. Seeing clips from all 4 movies so far, seeing how far Bella has come and the obstacles she has faced along the way, and knowing that she's finally getting everything she ever wanted and more (Eternity with Edward, plus the baby she didn't even know she wanted), gives me goosebumps every single time! We've taken the journey with her, and it's hard to believe that we've finally reached that point. The fact that Bella's Lullaby is played during it is the icing on the cake for us fans. Absolute perfection. Well done, Bill Condon!
sweet18 sweet18 5 years
My favorite scene was the wedding. I'm so glad something happy finally happened on twilight. That scene was so magical and such an important moment in the whole series. I love how they decorated the garden and the dress was absolutely gorgeous! The whole movie was much better than I expected. Breaking dawn was my least favorite book so I didn't have high hopes. Now I can't wait for part 2!
mandystsai mandystsai 5 years
I loved the scene when Bella realized that she wanted the baby, although Edward wanted to remove it. The deeply emotional love she has for Reneesmee really shone through in the movie, from the very beginning.
cathi123 cathi123 5 years
The birth scene was very scary and realistic, more so because of the fact that Bella's baby was half vampire and was sucking the life out of her. She was prepared to have the baby and sacrifice her life. This scene was very emotional and moving!
mrskiwi mrskiwi 5 years
I haven't seen it yet - that's why I'm entering! :)
lynndilou lynndilou 5 years
It more than met up with expectations. Iy had me in tears watching bella go through her pregnacy body deteriate because of her baby. Given the choice of your life or your babies , a decision which only a mother can understand , the baby. And not knowing what the bby would look like. A monster or a child. Then kept on edge until the last second to see if Bella lives ot not was tear jerking and emotion. Well done bring on part 2.
spog777 spog777 5 years
When the werewolves learn of Bella's "death", they attack the Cullens' house - quite a nasty scene and very memorable
ReeceK ReeceK 5 years
The end scene........because it meant that there would only be 1 more of these terrible movies my wife would force me to watch with her. If i win the bluray for her, maybe i can use it as a bribe to not see part 2 in November. Please.
mklh mklh 5 years
Bella's transformation, the make up and the effects were so amazing and I was so pleased that I could not tell which was real and which was fake. The way her body plumped up and the blood cells sparked from the venom infusion was absolutely amazing. Loved it.
Shelfie Shelfie 5 years
The wedding scene. The set was stunning and the view of Bella walking down the aisle was breathtaking! If only my wedding could look like that!
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