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PopSugar Australia's hits and misses from the 2010 MTV Movie Awards

Pop Watch: Hits and Misses at the MTV Movie Awards

Last night was the 2010 MTV Movie Awards and I'm breaking down the best and worst moments from the show. Check out Fab and Bella for all the fashion and beauty coverage and let's start dishing.

Hit: Wow. Tom Cruise is kinda cool again. Tropic Thunder came out in 2008 and if he reprised Les Grossman a few years ago it would have been HILARIOUS. Now it’s just mildly amusing. But as a one-off kind of thing, it was entertaining.
Miss: Tom said backstage that a Les Grossman movie was in the works. No. Just, no...for the love of God NO.
Hit: Kristen Stewart winning the Best Female Performance for New Moon while Robert Pattinson looked on adoringly in the audience. Swoon.
Miss: Host Aziz Ansari’s opening movie spoofs–couldn’t they find something else to spoof besides Precious and The Blind Side?
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Miss: Old dude alert: Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider, Kevin James and David Spade trying to convince everyone to see their new movie Grown Ups. They looked like they were totally phoning it in and looked really out of place.
Hit: Aziz introducing former MTV Movie Awards host Russell Brand as Russell “Bland.” And..snap! Cheeky bugger.
Hit: Jonah Hill and Russell Brand trying to explain the Team Edward vs. Team Jacob rivalry to Diddy by comparing it to the East Coast/West Coast rap feud.
Hit: Ed Helms singing the "tiger song" from The Hangover and Ken Jeong’s interpretive dance.
Miss: Les Grossman again. This time with Ludacris and a trampoline.
Hit: Jennifer Lopez. Girlfriend had it going on and was re-visiting her former days as a Fly Girl on In Living Color (Google it, kids).
Miss: Cutting to Katie Holmes in the audience cheering them on. Awkward.
Hit: Kristen and Robert winning for Best Kiss. Did they plan that whole thing or did Robert really surprise her with a kiss? I think he did. They’re acting isn’t THAT good…
Hit: Sandra Bullock winning the MTV Generation Award. Two words: Class act.
Miss: Sandra kissing Scarlett Johansson. The girl-on-girl thing has been done to death. It’s not shocking, just tired.
Miss: Twilight winning everything. So predictable.
Hit: The heart-shaped blinking-light on Christina Aguilera’s crotch during her performance. Jennifer Love Hewitt and her vagazzler are SO jealous.
Miss: I’ve just realised that Jesse Eisenberg and Michael Cera are actually two different people.
Miss: All the F-bombs. I don’t f-ing care if people swear, but there are so many kids that watch the show.

I'd love to hear your own hits and misses from the show, so sound off below!

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