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PopSugar Giveaway: WIN Free Tickets to The Hub Productions Gleek-On Event With Kevin McHale, Harry Shum Jr

WIN a Double Pass to Gleek-On In Sydney or Melbourne!

Glee may have finished up on TV for the moment but that doesn’t mean we have to wait long until we see some of our favourite stars! As you may have heard, The Hub Productions is presenting Gleek-On, a fan convention where avid Glee fans will have the chance to meet some of the actors from the show. Flying into Australia for the event are Kevin McHale (Artie), Harry Shum Jr. (Mike), Dot Jones (Coach Beiste) and recently-announced guest Ashley Fink (Lauren). Gleek-On takes place in Sydney on Saturday, July 16, and in Melbourne on Sunday, July 17, with passes starting at $95 for a day ticket. And guess what — we’ve got some passes to give away to each event!

We have a double pass valued at $190 up for grabs for each event — one for Sydney, one for Melbourne — so if you’d like the chance for you and a friend to see the Glee stars in the flesh, all you have to do is tell us in the comments how you like to get your Gleek on. Have you ever dressed up as a character, or perhaps you live your life like a musical and belt out the songs?

Terms and Conditions apply. Please specify if you would like Sydney or Melbourne tickets.

For more information go to


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nicoleblaivas nicoleblaivas 5 years
So after meeting Kevin today on the ferry to Taronga Zoo in Sydney. My friends and I walked around the park all day BELTING out Glee songs, true Glee style, making absolute fools of ourselves but we had fun anyways :)
Klaine Klaine 5 years
Oh I also sing everywhere I go, everything I do is in song. I need to meet these guys in Sydney!!!
gleekster gleekster 5 years
I love glee i am the biggest gleek you will ever meet. I don't go a day without listening to their songs, or watching episode. I constantly dance and sing to their songs and i perform for my family. I play glee karaoke a lot. So i practically get my gleek on everyday. If i had the opportunity to meet the glee cast when they come to Melbourne, it would be amazing. I love glee and i really really really hope i am given the chance to meet them !!! <3
lillee lillee 5 years
I get my Gleek on by constantly listening to Glee songs, belting out the songs including Glee karoake on the wii, watching all the glee episodes and dancing to their tunes. I would love to meet the Glee cast in Melbourne. I'll definitely be getting my Gleek on!!
snarkastic snarkastic 5 years
I get my Gleek On by living out my mantra of turning every day into an episode of Glee. I usually do this by taking random sentences that people say, and finding a corresponding lyric from any song that matches what they've said, and then proceed to sing that song even if it has nothing to do with what we were talking about. It's a good way to make a boring day more interesting! (Melbourne tickets please ^_^ )
misscrystal1990 misscrystal1990 5 years
G-leeking out to the show! :D L-istening to Glee songs ALL THE TIME! E-veryday I'm Gleekin' (queue the AWESOME techno music) E-xperiencing being a part of an amazing Gleek fandom! K-aroke Glee styles!!! GLEE SONGS ALL THE WAY! O-h, HELL-TO-THE-NO! :D Mercedes is my FAVOURITE female character. N-ever miss out watching the show when it's on TV! [ Sydney tickets please!!! :D ]
indigirl13 indigirl13 5 years
I get my Gleek on by listening to the entire soundtrack (loudly and constantly) and many Glee podcasts (Sara and Aimee Do Glee, Gleeful: A Glee Podcast, A Cup of Verbal Glee, Geeks on Glee etc.), playing the board game, annoying the rest of my family with my incessant fangirling and dressing up as Rachel Berry for Halloween. Winning these tickets (Sydney, please!) would be a dream come true!
jas01 jas01 5 years
My friend is a Geek or is it a Gleek, no its a GLEEK for sure She dressy Gleeky Sings Gleeky, Does Gleeky things! It drives for brother BARMY as he plays in a heavy metal grunge alternate band but she's just part of the Gleeky army!! and proud of it.
IGetMyGleekOn IGetMyGleekOn 5 years
I get my Gleek on by loving the show and the music!!! Today I painted my nails like Darren's coachella nails while listening to the Glee soundtrack I bought yesterday. And I want to win these tickets to Sydney so badly that I walked all the way down to the local library to enter this competition because I don't have internet at home. This would be a dream come true!
CrystalClearrr CrystalClearrr 5 years
I get my Gleek not only by the fun things in life (such as belting out their tunes in the shower), but also from remembering and embracing the positive values presented in the show of self-empowerment and acceptance of all difference. These values define the show, and I believe it is what makes Glee truly great. - Sydney
sarahbear308 sarahbear308 5 years
oh and sydney pleaseee :) xx
sarahbear308 sarahbear308 5 years
I listen to glee non stop! its the only thing on my ipod! AHHHH i love GLEE!!!!!!! my other friends get annoyed at me but who cares!!!! ITS GLEE <3 i was disappointed when the didn't come to australia for their live tour and im not going to miss this!!!!
TempestWylde TempestWylde 5 years
Well, I used to get beaten up constantly by the school bully because of what i wore and how I acted. And then he kissed me... Oh wait... I watch way too many repeats of Glee and Sing "Hell To The No" with a fierce swagger and shimmy. Not surprisingly I have a fierce crush on blaine as well... (Sydney Puhleeze!)
adrjm92 adrjm92 5 years
Why should I win Melbourne Tickets? Because I love Glee! Brought the glee board-game and play it weekly! I love Glee because it inspires me to be an individual and use music to express myself. So if I won tickets to the Melbourne show, suffice to say I'll be filled with Glee :)
Tiernz Tiernz 5 years
I get my Gleek on by watching one of my favourite episodes or listening to their music of course! I've watched the episodes at least 20 times and listen to the soundtracks non-stop. I'm also pretty good at the Glee karoke on Wii ;D The glee karoke is the only reason I wanted a Wii hehe I'd love too go see Kevin, Dot, Ashley and Harry in Melbourne :D :D :D :D :D <3
lindda lindda 5 years
I would love tickets to Melbourne please, so that i can get my Gleek On with my 13 year old daughter. She has changed her middle name to Gleek and i spend half my time searching ebay for Glee products. She sleeps under a Glee Doona and wears Glee clothes non stop. I do my housework to Glee CD's..............finally no more generation gap!!!! Thanx Glee!!!
Klaine Klaine 5 years
I get my Gleek on my listening to the music all day, every day. And when I'm not listening to Glee songs (Which only happens when I am forced to stop and learn due to school rules), I always have a song in my head. I often catch myself humming a glee song in class and wonder how long I've actually been humming it for and whether the people around me can hear. A little embarrassing, but not as much as a slushie in the face. Although I'm sure I wouldn't mind that. I love slushies. Better put slushie facial on my to-do list. That can be another way I get my gleek on. But the best way for me to get my Gleek on would be to meet Harry, Dot, Ashley and Kevin in Sydney!! Please help me live my dream!!! <3
sushichik sushichik 5 years
I dress my daughter in Sue Sylvester tracksuits and sing show tunes in the other room just to spite her. We get our gleek on in Melbourne.
kk77 kk77 5 years
I play glee hits at work all day, every day until someone says stop.
Well, first, I would LOVE tickets to Sydney please!!! And secondly, I get my Gleek on by getting up in the morning. And nothing gets me down. Seriously though, I have been stalking the Hub Productions webpage for MONTHS waiting to hear more about these tickets, about who the surprise guest stars were, and I've also been nagging my mum for tickets. Unsuccessfully, which is totally understandable because we just moved house and don't have any money for tickets. So I need to win some. Or I might die. Everyone I meet knows I have my Gleek on. I tell my mum about the smallest details of episodes to the point where she doesn't even need to watch them. And when I talk to people at school, most of what I say is glee quotes, even though they don't know it. That's just how I live. I live a Glee life. It's amazing and I would just love these tickets so so much.
rocketshipnicole rocketshipnicole 5 years
My Gleek is always and forever on. Every little thing that happens to me and around me, my brain somehow relates it to Glee. I am constantly singing Glee songs. I sing them everywhere, whether I have the music as well or not. The majority of the music I listen to are all the Glee songs. I have been forced to leave the room with my friend because we never shut up about Glee and people have become sick of it. We talk about the actors/actresses, the songs, the episodes, the tour. Everything. I watch Glee every night basically, I just pick an episode at random to watch because it is actually not possible for me to not enjoy them. I love every single cast member. I am going to remake some of the Glee episodes with one of my friends and we plan on trying to recreate some of the amazing clothes they wear. All because I love Glee, and I love to get my Gleek on. (: (Sydney tickets please.)
ObsessedWithDianna ObsessedWithDianna 5 years
I always have my Gleek On. Everything I do is related to glee. Im always singing there songs around school and home annnnd in the middle of the street! My ipod is 98% glee songs. I am constantly annoying people with my Glee talk, because that and Dianna Agron are basically all I talk about. I have watched every episode so many timess and I never get sick of them. I am remaking a the born this way episode with my friend. I am making my own clothes soon, inspired by Quinns clothes. AND i named my lamb Dianna, after Dianna Agron because I love her and Glee so much. THAT, is how i always have my Gleek On. (Sydney Tickets Please!) (:
BBYmandarh BBYmandarh 5 years
sydney tickets please! i LOVE singing and karaoke..that's how i get my gleek on :L
Dammit-Janet Dammit-Janet 5 years
I get my gleek on by reading the terms and conditions because Sue always likes to find loopholes and if Sue was running this competition there would be a loophole. So I read the terms and conditions. Just in case. Though, if Sue were running this she probably wouldn't even give away any tickets. She'd buy them all out for herself and then the event would only have one attendee and it would be bad. Just like the Night of Neglect (The first episode after the post Orginal Song hiatus that I made my friends go home early from my party for because I wanted to watch it online as SOON as it aired!) I'd love to go to the Sydney event!!! It would be a dream come true. :D
Le-Gleek-Cest-Chic Le-Gleek-Cest-Chic 5 years
I get my Gleek on by... well, I guess, first and foremost, by watching the show and listening to the music and OH Today at school, Glee's 'Don't Stop Believing' came on, and my friend and I started singing and dancing in the middle of the playground. I was Rachel. I relate a lot to the character of Rachel, because she knows what she wants and she fights for it. It is my dream to be on Broadway and Rachel gave me the motivation to go out and work for it. So I've started putting videos of me singing on youtube, I've auditioned for roles, I perform whenever I can and I try to write songs when I can. I also get my gleek on by dressing like the characters. That's probably lame, but in the same night, I convinced my mum to buy me Rachel-Esque knee-high socks and a Kurt-esque scarf. I relate a lot to Kurt too. I'm going through a tough time at the moment. I'm not going through the same thing as Kurt but I'm feeling as lonely as he did in the first season and in season 2 part one. But his character, in fact all of the characters, are helping me through it all. I know it'll get better. So I guess that's another way I get my Gleek on. By being strong and always telling myself that things can get better. Glee has taught me that. Oh and I always sing and dance in public. I'm practically my own Glee club. And I would love love LOVE to meet these guys. Ashley Fink is one of my heroes. I love Dot's character- Beiste!!! Harry's Dance moves are to die for and Kevin has vocal chords from the Gods. To conclude this monstrous essay, I would like to add that I would love to go to the Sydney event. Pretty pretty please. <3
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