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Portia De Rossi's autobiography Unberable Lightness talks about anorexia, bulimia and wife Ellen Degeneres. Are you interested?

Pop Poll: Would You Read Portia de Rossi's Autobiography?

Portia de Rossi’s new memoir comes out Nov. 2 in the US, where she candidly reveals details about her battle with anorexia and bulimia. She has legally taken wife Ellen Degeneres’ surname and says she's wanted to be famous since she was a teenager growing up in Geelong. The book is called Unbearable Lightness and talks about her constant roller-coaster ride of starving, bingeing and purging. At her lowest point she weighed 82 pounds (37 kilograms) and then ten months later had doubled in size after a series of bulimic binges. She also discusses hiding her sexuality for most of her life. Entertainment Weekly gave the book a B+ and calls her a "vivid writer" who is "nakedly honest". Are you interested in reading Portia's new book? Tell us below!

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