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REACH Total Care Toothbrush 2010-07-22 23:30:00

Get a Grip: REACH®Out Total Care Toothbrush

The thing about toothbrushes is that it’s often hard — when you’re in the supermarket with Every Other Single Person in the World buying dinner at 6pm — to tell the difference between the 831 designs staring straight back at you.

But that’s where REACH® Total Care Toothbrush comes in. It automatically looks different. There’s a hole in it. Don’t worry, it’s meant to be there. See it’s specifically designed to fit your thumb. Yes yours. Why you ask? Well good grip to teeth brushing is like hair extensions to Miley Cyrus. Eee-ssential. Without it you could lose control and end up scrubbing your eyeliner off. Scary. But true. Well OK, a bit of a lie. But moving on . . .

See even when this toothbrush gets drenched, it’s still got ah-mazing grip, helping you get to every single tooth you have. And it’s all thanks to that special little thumb hole. Slippery sucker, this ain’t. It’ll give you TOTAL control. And control is something we like. In every aspect of our life. We like to think of it as REACH® by name, reach by nature.

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