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Recap of Angry Boys Second Episode Where Chris Lilley Portrays S.mouse

Angry Boys Introduces Us to S.mouse — Real Name Shwayne!

We got our second serving of Angry Boys on ABC1 last night, where we checked in with twins Daniel and Nathan Sims, as well as their grandmother, Ruth (or “Gran” as she’s affectionately known at the juvenile prison). We were also introduced to African-American rap star S.mouse — or should I say Shwayne? Thanks to a catchy and successful hit called “Slap My Elbow” — that’s surely gotta be a reference to Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” — followed by “Animal Zoo,” S.mouse is a hip-hop icon for a younger audience, proud of the fact that his stage name includes some punctuation.

The reason he’s angry is because in his contract he’s not allowed to swear, and he believes he could broaden his appeal if he could add some swear words to his lyrics. In his current contract he says, “I can’t portray the image I want to portray,” though funnily enough his whole image — kid growing up on the wrong side of the tracks — is a lie: his father (Shwayne Senior) reveals that he went to private school with white kids, sang gospel music at church, and begged him for the Wicked soundtrack. So how does he try to roughen up his image, thinking he’ll earn respect from his peers? He, um, vandalises a police car, records a music video about it, and puts it online.

Keep reading for more on the episode . . .

The highlights for me in the latest episode of Angry Boys were the revelation of S.mouse’s real name and background, the fact that his best friend is called Danthony, and seeing more of Gran’s maternal side as she welcomed a new inmate who refuses to talk. However I’m still not as invested in the twins’ story, and with the upcoming inclusion of new characters in future episodes I can’t see that changing. What’s your take on S.mouse and last night’s episode?

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