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Recap of Celebrity Apprentice Australia 2011 First Episode: Charity Carwash

Some Observations About The Celebrity Apprentice Australia

Judging from my Twitter feed last night, it appears as though heaps of people got into the premiere of The Celebrity Apprentice Australia. With such an interesting combination of personalities, there was potential for TV gold — or it could’ve gone the other way. The first episode was all about introducing the cast and watching them get into their first challenge, a charity carwash. Here are some of my (slightly random) observations from the show:

  • Why does Channel Nine show the trailer for the program it’s about to screen, right before the program starts? If we’re there in front of the telly, it means we’re about to watch it, right?
  • Max Markson. Wow.
  • “Bouris’ Babes.” That’s the team name the girls decided to go with for the carwash challenge, even though comedian Julia Morris had only thrown it out as a joke. The only person who had a problem with it was Pauline Hanson, who admitted that she wasn’t a babe, and that she certainly wasn’t host Mark Bouris’!
  • Thank goodness for Julia Morris. And while I may not be that familiar with AFL star Shane Crawford, his practical jokes on Mark and Warwick Capper were hilarious.

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  • There’s something kind of endearing about Pauline Hanson, dubbed “Mumma P” by Deni Hines. Is it because she looked a little confused about the social media aspect? Is it because she stripped down to a pair of AussieBum undies for $50,000? (It was also interesting how the suspense about her decision was played out. I know it’s TV, but those pictures were everywhere the day of the event!)
  • As crazy as some of the celebrities are, at least they’re balanced out by some level-headed stars. I noticed this more on the boys’ team, Team Unity, with model Didier Cohen and choreographer Jason Coleman doing their best to make as much money for charity as possible, even if it meant cleaning the cars of people who couldn’t afford a $1,000 carwash.
  • Someone please explain the blue, sequinned, leopard print tops worn by the ladies!
  • I can see why the celebrities are intimidated by Mark Bouris. In the boardroom, he’s all business and no nonsense, especially when he asked Jesinta Campbell to give a non-beauty pageant response to one of his questions, and put Max in his place.
  • Bouris’ Babes win the challenge! Max must be kicking himself for keeping the AussieBum guy waiting, as he drove straight over to the girls’ carwash and handed them $60,000.

What did you think of the show? Will you keep watching, or was one serving of these stars enough?

The Celebrity Apprentice Australia continues tonight at 7 p.m. on Channel Nine.

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