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Recap of Charlie Sheen's Live Webcast Called Sheen's Korner

Did You Watch Charlie Sheen's Live Webcast?

On Saturday night US time, Charlie Sheen took his new self-styled PR campaign to new heights and aired a 50-minute live webcast called Sheen’s Korner (a YouTube channel has even been set up so you can catch up on all things Sheen). In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap of what happened:

  • He opened with a shout-out to his kids and said, “Daddy loves you. If you’re watching, tell mum to leave the room — it’s on.”
  • He introduced his team, including one of his “goddesses”, Natalie Kenly.
  • He revealed he has a new “Winning” tattoo on the inside of his left wrist, proving how dedicated he is to his favourite slogan. (Maybe he should also follow Jimmy Fallon’s lead and release a fragrance. On second thoughts, maybe not.)
  • There were flatulent noises.
  • He ranted against people who have spoken about him in not-very-positive lights, such as celebrity doctor Drew Pinsky and American legal commentator and TV personality Nancy Grace.

He drew in more than 100,000 viewers to start with but as the webcast continued the numbers dropped. Comments about his show haven’t been favourable, with E! Online calling it “all kinds of awful” and commenting that the “bottom line is that we’re slowly realising he’s not that interesting.” Did you devote any time to watching Sheen’s Korner?

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