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Recap of The Farmer Wants a Wife Reunion Special With Farmers From Previous Series

So Who's Found Love on The Farmer Wants a Wife So Far?

The Farmer Wants a Wife has been helping farmers around Australia find love for six series, and following the conclusion of another group it was time for Natalie Gruzlewski to catch up with the soulmate-searching men and women from the first five series. The Reunion Special aired on Channel Nine last night, so let’s see who found love and who’s still on the market.

Farmer Jenny: As the first female farmer from series three, Jenny thought she’d found something special with Owen, but shortly after filming ended their romance fizzled. She told Natalie, “You realise pretty quickly when someone isn’t right for you.” But the show still managed to find her a husband! She was asked by producers if she knew any single farmers and approached Mark, who had been an acquaintance for years. She quickly discovered that she felt sparks and kept him for herself. Six months after they started dating they got engaged, and two months later they were married. They now have an adorable six-month-old baby, Olive!

Keep reading to see who else found love!

Farmer Macca: Fans will remember Macca as the farmer who was jilted on national TV during series three, after Marina “busted me heart,” leaving him “absolutely gutted.” It took a while for Macca to get over Marina, but he has since forgiven her (“You can’t make somebody love ya,” he said) and has now found love with Simone, who already has four kids of her own. They’ve now created their own Brady Bunch family situation!

Farmer Rob: It didn’t take long for Rob to fall for Jo, and after getting married the Mount Gambia couple are now expecting their first baby.

Farmer Charlie: Before going on the show, baby-faced Charlie from series five had never been in love. One year later, he’s still doing the “same old farm stuff” and luckily has the company of Alison, the girl he chose, on the weekends. She’s still studying medicine at uni and spends her holidays at the farm. Charlie says it’s his first time in love and revealed, “At this time I think Ali is the one.” Cute!

Farmers Shaun, Devon and Becky: This group of farmers from series five are still on the lookout for that special someone.

Farmer Brad: From the moment Brad laid eyes on Stacy in series four, he knew there was something special about her. And his gut instinct has paid off since 18 months on they’re happily married and recently picked up the keys to their new farm together! It rained throughout their wedding day, and they spent their honeymoon travelling around Australia for three-and-a-half months. Now based in Gunnedah, Brad says, “I got a wife and a great life.”

Farmer Nathan: As the show’s most remote farmer, Nathan from series five must be grateful that his participation in the show led him to Amanda, who he proposed to at the final catch up. A year later, Natalie caught up with them during a wedding cake tasting session. Amanda actually moved out to the farm with Nathan but rain forced them to leave the station. When kids are in the picture in the future, Nathan expressed that he’d like to raise them on a farm.

Farmer Jamie: The pearl farmer from series five chose Emma as his girl at the end of the season, but he said she changed when filming ended into a “different person.” He said the highlight of the show was meeting the other farmers, and he grew so close to Nathan that he’s been asked to be one of the groomsmen at Nathan’s wedding!

Farmer Scott: Scott from the fourth series is the show’s most popular farmer, receiving over 500 applications from city girls wanting to win over his heart. In the end the lucky girl was Claire, and 18 months later they’re engaged! Scott admitted that he had the ring ready for about nine months before plucking up the courage to propose. Their wedding will take place at their farm.

Farmers Gavin and Steve: The show’s first father and son pair from series four didn’t find lasting love with girls from the show, however Gavin is currently in a relationship. His son Steve is still single and looking.

Farmer Chris: It was a blast from the past when Natalie visited “pin-up couple” Chris and Kim from the very first series. Chris never had any doubts about Kim and was the first farmer to find a wife. Since their time on the show they’ve welcomed 18-month-old Charlotte and Kim is expecting again! They moved away from the farm and Chris started a new career as a refrigeration mechanic, but they hope to move back to a farm in the future. Kim says, “We’re really lucky to have met each other.”

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